Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And now, the visuals

Here's a start to the pics, I'll try and post more when I get a minute...

Funky Melbourne buildings in Federation Square:

And something much more staid, but ever so cool...

There are lots of these old houses in Melbourne with the lacy ironwork (I'll have to post a close up of that stuff...)

Melbourne Street art:

Shopping at one of the galleries - you'd swear you're in Paris or Brussels. Melbourne is oh-so- European. wich is oh-so-nice.

The mosaic at the gallery entrance (of couse the pic doesn't do it justice):

Meanwhile, in (on??) the Mornington Peninsula:

Mr. Jazz and I at the beach

At the Ashcombe Maze, I had difficulty making it through the rose maze, maybe because I had just discovered the macro function on my camera...

More ocean:

Some of the beach shacks in Dromana. People store their beach gear in these, and they're always all dolled up. Apparently they sell for anywhere between $60,000 and $100,000 bucks. For a 10x15 shack. Ouch. But they look good!

This is the type of sunset we had on the bay every evening (damn, I love my idiot proof camera):

In Rosebud (a town not far from Dromana) this statue commemorates what used to be the local cinema - now a shop of some sort.

Whereas this one commemorates the local dairy:

Sandstone formations at St-Paul's beach (one of the back beaches)

Waves at the Blowhole - another of the back beaches

Me... and my shaaaaaadow!!!

A tidal pool. The middle there is completely under water. The pic doesn't do it justice. They were absolutey spectacular.

The Melbourne skyline from across the bay

And a poor sunken rowboat - still tethered to the dock. It had probably been swamped during a windstorm that happened while we were there. I love that the sea can be so wonderfully clear 12 feet down...

And now I must proceed to work my little (or so the expression goes) tush off..


furiousBall said...

great shots! love the pic of you and Mr. Lime

Tai said...

OH! Oh, Jazz, what an amazing journey! I never really wanted to go to Australia before, but I sure do now!

Ian Lidster said...

Loved the pics. The gallery is very Brussels, also Burlington Arcade in London. The old house is pure New Orleans, on the other hand. Thanks for the photo of you and Mr. Jazz. Nice to tie it all together with real folks. Looks like a fabulous journey and makes my feet itch mercilessly.

A Happy Downtowner said...

Ohhhhh I love the pics! Your camera takes amazing pictures! Aren't you glad you went digital now? :) Can't wait to see both of you soon!

Rachel said...

Fantastic pictures!!

My favorites are the sandstone formations, the sunken boat, and the one ot you and mr. jazz. Its great to finally put a face behind these wonderful posts of yours.

Welcome home!

geewits said...

Jazz, the "boat shack" picture cracked me up! When I googled images for Dromana Tuesday morning, there were a million of those and I almost left a message saying, "I hope you're not going to have pictures of the boat shacks." And you did! It's like everyone that has ever been to New Orleans has that picture of Jackson Square taken from the riverwalk. These are all great pictures and you should not give all the credit to the camera. What a lovely place and I'm sure you miss it already. That underwater boat looks spectacular and makes me want to jump in the water.

XUP said...

Awesome photos -- you can quit your day job, woman

Gwen Buchanan said...

Jazz, what a panorama of the arts and nature! love the architecture and the floor, and the sculpture, and the nature...great documentary!

Jocelyn said...

I'm with Geewits: I was taken to New Orleans, as well (that lattice work). Terrific photos, and you two are damn cute.

Josie said...

Those are beautiful photographs. The picture of the sunken boat in the crystal clear water made me almost want to jump in. Can you imagine swimming in that beautiful water?

Thanks for sharing those!

Susan Tuttle said...

I so enjoyed your amazing photos around Melbourne - so many sites of interest to see. The city looks very European in a lot of ways.

Great beach and flora pics!


citizen of the world said...

Thse really took me back to my vacation last year. Melbourne is a cool and colorful city.