Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How fucked is it...

That I am incapable of packing?

I used to leave for two weeks with a gym bag. A month with a small back pack.

Now I'm leaving for around two weeks in France - where lets face it, I can buy toothpaste or a t-shirt if I need them - and having an anxiety attack about it.  I no longer pack light. Hell, I pretty much take everything but my bed. What the fuck!!! Get over it.

I just went outside to chillax a bit, It reeks (in a good way) of lilac out there. There's a word in French - embaumer (which also means, ironically, 'to embalm' - lets not go there), but I can't for the life of me find the English equivalent.

OK, back to the suitcase.

Edited to add: Plus. PLUS!  Whenever I go on vacation I have to clean. I vacuum, I dust, I put stuff away. Who the hell will see that the dust bunnies have been wrestled into submission?  I don't have a problem with breeding dust bunnies when I'm home, why on earth would they bother me when I'm not?

So what did I do yesterday? On top of tearing my hair out packing. I vacuumed, I cleaned, I did a load of laundry. That's just so fucking anal.

But now, I'm done and I will be gone.

I can't help comparing this to my MacBook Pro...



Monday, May 17, 2010

Pffft to titles.

Spring seems to finally have sprung in Montreal - though of course my saying that probably ensures that we will barely get above freezing temperatures tomorrow...

To celebrate, it's time for that Spring vacation.

Come Thursday evening I'll be on my way to France to see friends in Brittany and in the vicinity of Paris. And, if various constraints work themselves out and schedules miraculously mesh, maybe to meet a blogger - that would be Dumdad.

Who knows, maybe I'll haul some inspiration back from Europe with me. That'd be nice. 'Cause right now? Not so much. I try to believe it's because I'm too busy having a life, knowing full well that that's so not the case at this point.

Maybe since we're actually renting a car, we'll have all sorts of driving adventures where I navigate us clear up into Norway. Of course, Mr. Jazz - smart man that he is - went out and bought a GPS (aka Simon) with all those nifty European maps so he doesn't much have to beat his head against the steering wheel while I try to turn the map so that it's headed in the same direction we are because otherwise it just makes no sense whatsoever. Spatially challenged? Me?

And so, to paraphrase my friend Sully, Soon(ish) with more better stuff.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Nation's Capital

Ottawa that would be. Where I spent the weekend and was tardy about blogging about it so both XUP and Violet Sky beat me to it 'cause they're way on the ball and organized and get everything done right away and make me feel like... hmmm... well, basically like a) i'm completely disorganized and b) total aside, the Habs just scored, so it's 3-2 against the Penguins and Mr. Jazz is a happy camper and I inserted this into the blog because his screams of joy pretty much lifted me 6 inches off the bed. The boy can yell, indeed he can.
And c) as you can see, I'm easily distracted so that might explain why I'm, as always, the last to blog. That and for some reason on Mondays they always seem to expect me to actually work for a living...


I seem to have digressed. Par for the course ain't it. And I will not digress into golf. I. Will. Not.

This was supposed to be about my weekend in Ottawa.

Let's start again.

I went to Ottawa to meet XUP and Violet Sky - and a passel of Ottawa bloggers I pretty much had no idea actually existed for the most part.

'Twas lovely it was.

Things I learned this weekend:
  • Ottawa bloggers are cool. They meet up once in a while and have Saturday brunches. Hell, I know of two Montreal-ish English bloggers, and though we've been in contact, I've not met either of them. It's a shame really. Paula and Bonnie, I'm talking to you.
  • The Ottawa Tulip Festival (the biggest in the whole wide world - prolly 'cause it's the only one) attracts LOTS of Japanese. Lots. Really. Oodles of 'em. Sorta like fall in Quebec attracts them. It's sorta scary actually. They are everywhere, taking pics of themselves taking pics of themselves taking pics of each other. The relationship of the Japanese to cameras is strange to say the least.
  • Frigid weather and rain make for cool pics of flowers with drops of water on them, but really, who gives a shit about drops of water on tulips. I mean seriously, this pic has been taken a million times - and way better. And Blogger, bloody minded thing that it it wouldn't let me put the pic here unless I go into HTML and do a copy/paste there and I did it so FUCK YOU Blogger and that's all I have to say about that  and yes, XUP I know: WORDPRESSS.
  • It seems the Parliament buildings are not "just a pile of stones" and that I will never live down having said that they were. In my defense, I was cold!
  • It seems the Portage buildings (one of the big government complexes) ARE just a pile of ugly. 
  • A women's weekend is truly something every woman should experience periodically.  Much as I love Mr. Jazz, an estrogen weekend is something he cannot provide - even though he feeds me.
  • The By Ward Market. It's where Obama bought his cookies. It's one of Canada's oldest and largest markets. And the inside part of it has this creepy sculpture hanging from the ceiling. Look, the guy's apron has BLOOD painted on it! I might have creepy ideas, like looking at my face with my eyes hanging out, but damned if I'd do a sculpture with a guy holding a pig (4-2 Habs from what I hear) with blood on his apron. 'Cause, yeah, we all know he's gonna slit that pig's throat (and to hell with Blogger for not lettting me upload. I'll have to try tomorrow. Who knows I might get lucky - yes XUP, i know, WORDPRESS...)  Update: This morning Blogger seems to be in  a better mood, here's the pic
    • *le sigh*
    • Drinking chocolate milk (through a straw no less) is so many levels of wrong when you're an adult and eating a plate beyond full of beef. Imagine it. A huge plate of roast beef, a domino size of salad and a potato... and a glass of chocolate milk. With a strwa. NO! it wasn't me. But you gotta admit that this image, this whole idea, is beyond wrong. And XUP - she provides a mean colour commentary regarding chocolate milk and beef. A commentary involving stomachs exploding in the middle of the night. Hell yeah!
    • On the drive home I noticed that Ontarians generally drive in the right lane and use the left to pass and get right back into the right lane. Probably 80% of cars that drove in the left lane just because it was there were Quebecers. We're such scofflaws we are (have you ANY idea how long I've been waiting to use the word scofflaw? Thank you Quebec drivers for helping me to do so). The law - Pffft.
    • There is something inherently wrong about snow on May 9. Even if it's just flurries. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Sometimes I hate this country. Y'all are suprised to hear that eh? I had to say y'all, it warms me up.
    • 4-3 for the Habs. Game over. Heh. I said they'd win. No one believes me. Probably cause I'm not a fan. But I know. It's my superpower. Except when it doesn't work. Which is 50% of the time. But tonight I got it right. Hopefully I'll do as well in the World Cup this summer. That is one series I'll watch. Me and Violet Sky.... yep.
    OK, 'nuf of this going on and on and on... I'm going to bed.  'Night all.

    Friday, May 07, 2010

    A solution to every problem...

    Sometimes you gotta wonder at the things people will buy...

    But I guess if it saves a marriage...

    As an aside: I'm off to Ottawa today to meet the wonderful XUP and Alison, and hook up again with Violet Sky.  I'll  let you know if I still think they're great after the weekend, but I'm assuming they're be even better in person....

    Wednesday, May 05, 2010

    Dear Cyclist

    Wow. You're doing the green thang!  Good for you...

    Must be great, pedaling along, the wind in your hair, eating bugs now and again. We all need protein....

    What you don't seem to realize though is that riding a bike does not make you a really really fast pedestrian. On your bike, you're considered a vehicle; as such, you are obliged to follow the rules of the road. You're, like, a really really small car.

    So, stop signs are for you. As are red lights. A four way red light with that picture of the little man? It means vehicles must stop so pedestrians can cross.

    Yes asshole, this means you!

    It doesn't mean, "Hey cyclist, cross now cause you're sure no cars will get in your goddamn way and to hell with whoever is crossing the street".

    Because you count as a fucking vehicle you damn moron!

    And because, if you don't stop, who knows, maybe a pedestrian will stick out a rigid arm and whip you off your damn "oh look at me I'm so cool on my $6000 rich asshole bike" and stomp on your head when you fall.

    Just because she can.

    Just sayin' dude.


    Monday, May 03, 2010

    Cottage vignettes

    It’s not all sinking pedal boats and killing rodents.

    I’m back in bed on Saturday afternnon, reading a hopelessly outdated (and hysterically funny) issue of Women’s Day from July 1955, learning how to "cook" it in the refrigerator or freezer (jellied tomato-cucumber mold anyone?) and - this was the Woman's Day Workshop - how to cast a fish in plaster of Paris (I shit you not, page 66! - "Once the negative mold has been made, it can be used many times to make duplicates of the fish - fine gifts for sporting friends" 'cause everyone needs a fish cast in plaster of Paris!). I can't help but wonder if anyone actually ever did this, and more to the point, why?

    Mr. Jazz is in the living room, watching the hockey game and transferring Gotan Project and the latest Porcupine Tree onto my computer so I can sync my iPod.  Yay, I won’t have to do it for myself. Happy Day.

    I push aside the magazine and snuggle down into bed with a sigh, finding that perfect position for a snooze. Mr. Jazz comes in, closes the curtains, kisses me and leaves, closing the door behind him.

    I listen to the chipmunks rooting around in the old leaves under the feeders, and to the rain as it starts falling softly - then less so. My thoughts drift to the new hostas and ferns pushing their way out of the earth. This will be good for them.

    My body grows heavy as I write this blog post in my head and sink into slumber, to the sound of the hockey game and falling rain.

    Life is good.