Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dribs and Drabs Again

This morning, on the way to work I saw a beautiful Husky. He was obviously thrilled to death to be going on his walk. Bounding at the edge of his leash... I'm sure he was thrilled because it's SNOWING in Montreal today. Yeah, you read that. SNOWING. The magnolias are flowering and it's fucking SNOWING!!  I'm sure BB with his love of all weather frigid must have been thrilled. Me? Not so much­.


I got this animation of Elizabeth's page in Facebook. Go watch it:  Animator vs. Animation


If someone somehow managed to pull my eyes out without severing my optic nerve, and they (my eyes) were hanging down the front of my face, could I see the floor and if I turned them towards my face would I see my face without my eyes?


Has anyone out there heard of a certain type of pillow where the center is filled with water, which allows for perfect adjustment of your pillow size. I'm not sure whether I imagined this or if it really exists. If not, maybe I should invent it and make millions. But just the fact that I've had this in my head leads me to believe that it must already exist. I imagine my friend the omniscient XUP will know. People this woman is a veritable fount of information. And yes, I know, Google - but my brain is slow and I haven't made it to that point yet.


I have a friend who works for a union. If you work for a union, I suppose you would be unionized, by your union. In case of a strike, who do you negotiate with? 'Course I guess I could simply ask her that.


Dumdad said...

The water pillow sounds a great idea! Patent it now!

furiousBall said...

snowing? wow... and here i was griping about the rain we've been getting in Jersey

Shrinky said...

Snowing?? That's just taking the piss, no way! (It's coming up for Summer, there has to be a law against that, surely?)

A water pillow. Nah. The sloshing would wake me up, nope, no matter how rich it makes you, I'm not buying it.

Good question about the unionised thingie.. go on, ask your friend, I'm curious now!

Dave1949 said...

Interestingly our office staff at the union local were unionized which at one time had our union trying to strike GM while our staff were striking us.
Now as a union organizer do you cross their picket line to get to work to support and organize your own picket line.
Several on the board ensured that the staff strike was settled the first day of their work action.

Rachel said...




Incidentially, I believe its the voted-upon union reps who negotiate on behalf of the union with the management, the capitalist scum.

Down with weather!!

geewits said...

That animation was totally cool.

I imagine a water pillow would really keep my neck cool and I would love that, but I guess you do not need to keep your neck cool if it is snowing.

We also got a cold front yesterday, but that just means it is sunny and 66° instead of sunny and 76°

Sounds like you need a Texas vacation.

Suldog said...

It appears nobody - including me - wants to even think about the eyes thing, so I'll answer it. Then we can all try to get it out of our heads (though I imagine it will stick for longer than we'd like.)

Yes and yes.

Now give us something pleasant to visualize, please?

Gaelyn said...

Sorry to hear about your snow, we have it too and more coming.
Good luck on that water pillow idea.

VioletSky said...

YES. The water pillow exists. I have one and LOVE it. You simply fill the chamber with enough water to make it as firm or soft as you wish (too soft, though, and there will be the sound of sloshing water, which is a bit disconcerting) As with anything filled with water, it is heavy, which is good as it then stays in place. You also don't get any lumpy bits from the innards shifting. it will aid you in sleeping soundly and dreaming of places where it never snows.

e said...

Cool animation, am curious about the union thing, too and Snow??? In spring time??? Poor you...

Jocelyn said...

For your third: Yes.

For your fourth: I believe you've been dreaming about big boobie implants again, Jazz.

For your fifth: Nothing is weirder than working for a union. I still find it odd. Sometimes, they've said we might have to strike, at which point I ask, "Or could I just go get a job at the coffee shop?"

Jazz said...

DD - Too late it seems. I knew I'd seen it somewhere.

Furball - So I obviously have you beat here.

Shirnky - We're in Quebec, no law against snow ever... more's the pity.

Dave - Yeah, I guess that's why they have such great conditions at the union. You do NOT want them striking.

Rachel - Yep, shoulda striked against the snow..

Geewits - I need a Texas life. D'you need an illegal alien maid?

Sully - That gross? I think it'd be quite fascinating actually, as long as it didn't hurt and I could put them back in.

Gaelyn - Yeah, it must be even worse in Arizona than way up here in the great white north.

Violet - Damn! You'll have to let me know where I can find one when we see each other...

e - So many trees had huge branches broken off this morning because of the weight of the snow on the new leaves. It's pretty nasty.

Joce - Third - ain't that cool in a sick sort of way? Fourth - I think not... And it exists! It does. Fifth - You worked for a union??

Anonymous said...

I have two of those water pillows too - I do believe I mentioned them on my blog when I got them -- maybe that's where you heard about them. I will allow you to squeeze one when you visit. They're called Mediflow. The top part is like a regular pillow. You can get filled with down or down-like foam. As Violetsky says, the water sac is underneath which you fill up according to how firm you like your pillow. You squeeze all the air out so there's no sloshing (it's not like a waterbed) and because you're not laying on the water part, it's not cold. They're about $50 each, but the best pillows I've ever had.

Anonymous said...

Last year the people who worked in the office of the BC Teachers' union went on strike due to terrible working conditions and refusal by the employer to bargain in good faith. Go figure.

The eyeball thing -- creepy.

secret agent woman said...

Yeah, you'd see your face without your eyes. And you'd be thoroughly creeped out. As I am just thinking about it. Gah! Must be the late snow getting to you.

Jazz said...

XUP - Ah! So it was you! I shoulda known... Can't wait to see that pillow.

Ian - Gotta wonder how a union wouldn't bargain in good faith.

SAW - I know, it is sorta creep, but it's equally fascinating. Imagine if we could have them mounted on springs and look both ways at the same time. I wonder if it would make us dizzy...