Monday, May 17, 2010

Pffft to titles.

Spring seems to finally have sprung in Montreal - though of course my saying that probably ensures that we will barely get above freezing temperatures tomorrow...

To celebrate, it's time for that Spring vacation.

Come Thursday evening I'll be on my way to France to see friends in Brittany and in the vicinity of Paris. And, if various constraints work themselves out and schedules miraculously mesh, maybe to meet a blogger - that would be Dumdad.

Who knows, maybe I'll haul some inspiration back from Europe with me. That'd be nice. 'Cause right now? Not so much. I try to believe it's because I'm too busy having a life, knowing full well that that's so not the case at this point.

Maybe since we're actually renting a car, we'll have all sorts of driving adventures where I navigate us clear up into Norway. Of course, Mr. Jazz - smart man that he is - went out and bought a GPS (aka Simon) with all those nifty European maps so he doesn't much have to beat his head against the steering wheel while I try to turn the map so that it's headed in the same direction we are because otherwise it just makes no sense whatsoever. Spatially challenged? Me?

And so, to paraphrase my friend Sully, Soon(ish) with more better stuff.


Joanie Hoffman said...

Hi Jazz,
I hope you & Mr Jazz have a safe & wonderful vacation.
Happy days,

geewits said...

We are going on vacation on the very same day! Maybe next year you will just head down to the N.C. coast? Brittany and France sound way more exotic, though. Have a great time on your vacation. And take loads of pics. I'll surely have a great time on mine.

Gaelyn said...

I am So ready for spring. It may snow here tomorrow.
Have a great time in France, and please bring back some good pics to tease us travelers with.
Even with GPS, take a map. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Be safe and have a terrific time! At the very least, I'll be expecting stories about driving in France (not for the fainthearted, for sure) when you come back. Enjoy!

VioletSky said...

I am just a wee bit jealous.
No. Actually, I am a lot jealous.
Have fun - and remember, getting lost can be a fun experience!

secret agent woman said...

That sounds fantastic. I hope you guys have an amazing trip.

e said...

Have a fabulous time!

Anonymous said...

I'm with VioletSky and I'm a whole lot jealous, and envious and all those other 'poor me I never get to go nowhere' things. Seriously, though, my pet, have a wonderful time and if you do meet up with Dumdad please express to him for me how much I value the contact with another ink-stained wretch like I am.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Wonderful! Bon voyage!!

Jocelyn said...

Absolutely envious here--and hoping it's invigorating for you!

(oh,and I have to read maps exactly that way, too)

Jazz said...

Joanie - we will definitely try.

Geewits - the NC coast sounds plenty exotic to me as I've never ever been there.

Gaelyn - You mean Simon isn't failsafe? You're right though I'll probably forget to plug him in, and yeah, I know that sounds bad.

Pink - Stories about driving in France. Check.

Violetsky - says the woman who drives to foreign cities just for the thrill of getting lost in them.

SAW - I'll do my best, but it shouldn't be hard. France + friends... can it get any better? OK, yeah, I just have to get them to move to the SOUTH of France.

e - thanks

Ian - 'Poor me?' You just got back from a fabulous road trip. I LOVE road trips. You'll get no pity from me. :-p

Bonnie - Merci

Joce - You mean I'm not the only spatially challenged navigator out there?

Anonymous said...

I know you'll have a fabulous time whether you get lost or not. Don't forget to look up Johnny Depp and give Paris a big hug from me. Bon Voyage!!

lime said...

oooh, have fun! sounds like an adventure is afoot!

Jeaux said...

Regional French cuisine... sigh. Montreal weather should be ripe for jogging when you return.

Jazz said...

XUP - once I find Johnny, d'you have a message for him?

Lime - Adventure sounds great just about now.

Jeaux - Jogging? Me? That'll be the day.

Anonymous said...

Tell Johnny I love him; tell Johnny I need him; Tell Johnny not to cry --- my love for him will never dieEEEEE.. (Actually, I'm pretty neutral about JD - it's XUP Jr. who's the Johnny fan..see if you can get her an autograph or a lock of hair or an old sock or something. Thanks)