Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!!

OK, well, I'm back but my brain hasn't quite caught on to that fact - it hasn't quite checked in yet - so I'm sort of not quite into it today...

So a few bits of personal wisdom I've picked up over the past couple of weeks (and way to many instances of "so") :

  • Vacations are good. Returns from vacation not so much.
  • Places are often way way far from how you visalize them when you've never been. I didn't see even one oil well. But I did steal some cotton from a field. So cool. Feels like a dirty cotton ball. In a good way.
  • Same goes with people. Not the stealing them, the visualization thing. Didn't meet any rednecks but plenty of really nice people. And the accent! I love the accent, though I didn't come across many of those either.
  • It is majorly cool to meet online people in real life. I've never been disappointed yet. And Geewits? She rocks! Even though she did out me as a softie. But that was just one evening so it doesn't count. I will remain a blog bitch. There will be no frilly pinkness in this blog.
  • I know I should be devastated that the Canadian dollar is on par (or higher now?) than the American one. Because we're told it's horrible for the economy or somesuch. But having been shopping in the States and buying a camera for over $150 less than it costs here on sale (!!), I can only say: YAY FOR ME! Same goes for the books and shoes I bought (YAY for me again! and yay yay yay for shoes!!!) and mea f-ing culpa if I'm not being politically correct. And I'll stop here before I begin to rant. 'Cause the cost of stuff in Canada is a rant waiting to happen.
  • Texas BBQ has got to be one of the most wonderful things in the world. Yes indeedy.
  • Fall is highly overrated. Seriously overrated. Granted, the leaves are pretty for a few days, but then the cold and damp and rain and clouds chug in and bam, it sucketh indeed. I much prefer 90 degree weather and a dip in the ocean.
  • Air conditioning is not a luxury in Texas. Some people say it's necessary here, but they have no freaking idea what they're talking about. Airco is definitely a luxury here; it has it's uses about 2 weeks out of the year. 75 degrees is not airco weather. Nope.
That's all.


Ian Lidster said...

I am so happy you are back and that your journeys were enlightening and pleasurable, and all like that there.
I genuinely missed you when you weren't here. But, you were having fun, so I say screw the rest of us.
Now, please do a rant about Canadian prices. I've already done one, but I want to see another. We Canadians are such saps. We let our governments, banks, retailers etc. get away with such crap, and even buy into their bullshit excuses. I'm still pissed off about the price of gas here after having bought it in Oregon. And, I bet the gas we were pumping came from Alberta crude.
OK, there's my mini-rant right there in my response. Good on you for the camera.

Jocelyn said...

Lordamercy, but I have missed you. But if it means you now understand the deep beauty that is Texas BBQ, it was worth the sacrifice.

And really? You gotta do photos, just so I can see the new shoes.

geewits said...

Every summer some poor old people DIE because they have no air conditioning, so yeah, not considered a luxury here. I'm glad you're back, I really missed you. But on the other hand, I know you'd be happier just hanging out in the cottage with no technology. But I'm selfish, so I'm glad you're back. And really, you didn't see even one oil well? I always see them. Maybe you were looking for the tall derricks from the old movies? They actually look like this:

Voyager said...

Welcome back from vacation. Did you come back drawling "Hey y'all", and wearing a stetson?
As for fall weather, I am headed to Ottawa next week, and I'm counting on you central Canada types to give me some Indian Summer and brilliant red leaves.

I.A.M.L. said...

It's good to have you back~~

Any photos you'd like to share?

LOL, by the way, I emailed you my link now... I thought you'd always had it, and were just being snobby by not visiting :-)

oops. Silly me.


paula said...

Thar she is! Welcome back to Montreal-land! So glad to hear that y'all enjoyed you Texas trip. You certainly covered a lot of territory in a week. Did you have brisket and, if so, ain't it the best?? Funny, about your picking some cotton. I had actually thought about that being something you'd probably see on your drive between SA and CC. And, yes, you were probably looking for oil dericks a la "Giant". No...They look like the ones in the link Geewits sent, so you probably saw many of them but didn' know it.

Anyway, yes, glad you're back and I, too, wanna see photos, please! Your fan club waits in anticipation!

Jazz said...

Ian - A rant on Canadian prices. We get screwed. What more is there to say?

Jocelyn - I missed you too. BBQ on a sheet of waxed paper... Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Geewits - Yep, that's what I didn't see. I saw some when we drove across the north of Texas many years ago, but not this time. Maybe I was fixated on the cotton.

IAML - Photos.. I took about 2 while I was there, not much of a photo taker, unfortunately. Or fortunately, as the case may be. But I did buy a digital camera - the last day we were there. Now all I need to do is hook myself up to the internet at home... but that'll likely take me another 5 years.

Voyager - Would you believe I didn't even SEE anyone wearing a Stetson? Damn. But I do love y'all!

Paula - Brisket... mmmmmmmmmm. And Snoopy's fish and chips and the Executive Surf club.... See I ate everything you told me to. And had a marvelous dinner at the Water Street Oyster Bar. A huge chunk of Wahoo. Damn, I love that fish. As for photos, I do have a pic of a really cool bug that Patty took for me after I rescued it from her pool.