Friday, February 19, 2010

From the oh ferchrissake file

ABC, CBS and NBC will apparently be interrupting their programming to air the Tiger Woods press conference.

What the fuck is with that?  The guy is a golfer who cheated repeatedly on his wife because he's a "sex addict" (and I won't even go there, no, no snarky comments about how it's a wonderful excuse when you want to get off the hook for being a serial cheater and .... oops).


The guy isn't the president, he isn't the pope, he isn't god.

He's not announcing the beginning of the third world war.


You have got to be shitting me.


dave1949 said...

You are obviously female and therefore can't understand that the president, and the pope probably have bets on about when he will resume making millions and world war three may indeed start if the answer isn't the right one.

By the way my local morning news just reported again that the press release was coming up just proving that this is of earth shaking importance.

Gaelyn said...

SO Glad I don't have a TV!

Let me know when something really important interups. ;-)

XUP said...

Americans are obsessed with naughty sex stories. I'm pretty sure there have been several Canadian celebrities who've had sex, but we never heard a word about it. Strange eh? Remember Trudeau? We'd only hear about his latest date because it was in the American news.

Dumdad said...

I've loved watching Tiger play golf and marvel at his great achievements but I'm now completely pissed off with him and his life. "Sex addict" - the great get-out after cheating.

It shows how low TV channels have sunk that they should interrupt their scheduling for Tiger to utter a few insincere words.

And Tiger will soon carry on doing what he did because he thinks he's God - well, he's treated like one.

Suldog said...

As an American, I am deeply embarrassed about this. Seriously. We keep setting the bar lower and lower every day.

Anonymous said...

Staggers me. Maybe I should go out and screw around and get that sort of publicity. Bet I could nab a book contract out of it and have fun in the process. I'm sure Wendy would understand my motivation -- wouldn't she?

The world grows more insane by the minute. This is not 'news' and I am sickened that my erstwhile professional calling has become so fucking banal.

Anonymous said...

So, there IS a reason why I took the TV out of my house six years ago and it's still sitting in the shed.

I'd rather get the sound bytes here, 'cause it's way funnier!

Every day is WTF Wednesday. I work for the government...

Guillaume said...

I think I like Tiger Woods better now that he is a known adulterer. Not that I approve his conduct, but it is still his own private business (and his wife's of course) and I think people should get off his back about it.

lime said...

thank you for verbalizing my thoughts on the matter.

Bri said...

i think its about what will get viewers watching. personally tiger woods speech > the pope. But then again... i agree with you. it is just Tiger Woods... he golfs. the end. check out my blog tell me what you think :)

secret agent woman said...

I did not know this. And I wish it surprised me more than it does. We just seem to get fixated on the intimate lives of famous people and I DON'T CARE about them. (And you are right about the ridiculousness of "sex addiction." I can tell you that it is NOT a legitimate diagnosis and it seriously pisses me off as a psychologist.)

Von said...

More dumbing down of news services and no we won't pay for it! Why is he apologising anyway, isn't it a private matter? He chose his lifestyle and suffering the consequences for most people doesn't include apologising to the world.The world gets weirder and did you hear Lady GaGa whoever she is is going to take off her clothes?

Mary Buek said...

Agree in full and glad you said it.

geewits said...

We were talking about this at the bar today. I watched it on purpose this morning on ESPN which was the only channel it should have been on. I have no idea why the other networks would pre-empt their shows for it. It's bizarre.

e said...

This is just another nod to celeb obsession...I think people should just turn their televisions off...that is the only way to get the networks to change. Unfortunately, most people are just too stupid to do that.

I do not have a television anymore and life hasn't suffered without one.

Voyager said...

My darling husband, who does not play golf, and is usually a sensible man, was agog for the details of Tiger's statement. WTF? Do men get some kind of vicarious pleasure from accounts of other men's naughty deeds?

geewits said...

Oh and if you wonder WHY I watched it on purpose: because people backed into a corner and having to do the CMA dance amuses me.

Jazz said...

Dave - OK, it's the estrogen...

Gaelyn - I'll try to keep that in mind.

XUP - Yes it seems to be a typically American thing.

DD - Honestly, I really don't care whether he cheats or not. It's none of my business. And I'm really puzzled as to why he and the media keep trying to make it my business.

Suldog - But you amuse us all in so many ways.

Ian - You're not famous, nobody cares how much you screw around.

Titanium - Maybe you should consider putting it by the curb.

Guillaume - Private business. Exactly. Who the hell cares. Well, obviously lots of people. That's the strangest thing about it.

Lime - You're welcome

Bri - He golfs. The end. Indeed.

SAW - Not a legitimate diagnosis, but it takes the responsibility for your behaviour off your shoulders, that's gotta count for something, eh?

Von - who is Lady GaGa and why is she taking off her clothes?

Mary - yay!

Geewits - Bizarre pretty much covers it.

e - I have a friend who theorizes that 98% of the population are idiots.

V'ger - perhaps they do. And welcome back!!!!

Geewits - And were you amused?

John said...

3 words - lowest common denominator.
It is news of the highest import because this story has entranced a large segment of American (and non-American) society.
These same folks are also desperately envious of other folks' successes and see this "scandal" as a way to bring the successful ones down to their level.
The mainstream news media knows this and feeds it to the utmost extent.
Very sad.

Jocelyn said...

One of the happiest things in my life right now is that I heard about this--but I totally missed it...I've not even seen re-run footage of it.


Warty Mammal said...

Yeah, hearing about Tiger's private life falls under the "I couldn't give a damn less" category.

Seriously, let the National Enquirer cover it instead of major networks. That's their niche, isn't it?