Thursday, February 18, 2010

You know what really pisses me off?

Disclaimer: this post includes foul language which might be offensive to some audiences. Reader discretion is advised.  Or something. 'Cause bad language wouldn't be a first here, but we must be PC cause well, you never know whose virgin eyes might end up here...

And now I have to re-write my title cause that little disclaimer episode totally screwed up the rythme.


You know what really pisses me off?

Well, I'm a tell y'all...

What really pisses me off is when the (looooong !!!) meme post I was working on today - and I really put work in it an' it was long and it was convoluted an' it was entertaining as all hell, though you'll have to take my word for that - which I saved as a draft because I wasn't quite finished (maybe 5 more minutes work...) and then came back to for the finishing touches...

has been deleted by Blogger.


(sorry for fucktard, but for some reason I love that nasty nasty word and have always wanted to use it somewhere. Blogger doing this to me is the perfect occasion. Fucktard!)

It annoys me to no end to work my little ass off for nothing (ok, big, yes Blogger my ass? it is BIG and if it sits on you it'll quash the miserable little cyber life right out of you, you evil assclown troll of the innernetses). Hell, I do that every day at the office, out there in the Twilight Zone, the whole working thing. For what? What I ask you? To what end? What's the damn point of that?

The last thing I need is to do the same thing in real life.


It might not be so bad, but it's fucking February (note the alliteration). I hate February and it hates me right back.  AND it's in cahoots with Blogger to make my life a living hell. It is. Yes indeed.

You might not believe me but I KNOW.  February and Blogger - twin terrorists of winter and the innertubes...


But y'all?  I loveses, you i does, y'allses is my precisoussses

Christ I need a drink. At least then I'd have a reason for being incoherent.


VioletSky said...

only 10 more days... then Spring will March on in.

Ev said...

What a coincidence! I hate February too!

Poor February. It must be tough to be universally loathed. I'm only loathed my half the universe, which is still better than George Bush AND February.

rachelslessonslearned said...

go ahead and sit on Blogger!!!! Crush it! Crush it FLAT!

though to be honest, id rather you sat on Feburary. Feburary sucks harder than blogger.

Gaelyn said...

It's really the pits when everything in life becomes so personal. Like how is it that Blogger just knows when it's a Bad day and like F..Ks with ya'?
Feb is almost over.

Hey, 10 more days!

Von said...

Hey and what about this new blogger thingy with no spellcheck, talk about dumbing down!
February doesn't love us, any of us because it feels unloveable and acts unloveable.Sad.

geewits said...

Maybe it came back? I hope so. Don't let this dissuade you from trying again. (oh and I hated the vote! Boooo!)

choochoo said...

OOOooooh my virgin eyes have been soiled.


Hagelrat said...

This february is sucking. Massively.

Guillaume said...

Yes, blogger does that to me sometimes, but usually the post gets saved automatically during the process of writing, so I can at least get some of it back. Still, it is frustrating. I discovered recently that I cannot comment on some blogs, which I find incredibly irritating (and I do hope this comment gets through).

Jazz said...

Violetsky - and now it has begun snowing again - and we had hardly any left.

Ev - February and Bush.... *shudder*

Rachel - ok, I'll sit on February then.

Gaelyn - I dunno how Blogger knows I'm having a bad day. Blogger is the Big Brother of cyberspace.

Von - maybe they're not dumbing down, maybe people were to dumb to use it.

Geewits - it's not back yet. and boo indeed.

Chooch - there is nothing virgin about you at all. Nope.

Hagel - Oh yeah

Guillaume - it was saving itself, and I saved it too and for some reason it's just not in my list of posts. Maybe it'll come back... I've never had a problem with commenting though, that seriously sucks.

mrwriteon said...

I love you, too, and that is all that counts.

lime said...

i HATE when that happens

secret agent woman said...

Yup, that truly, truly bites. Along with February.

Mary Buek said...

I just hope I never do anything to piss you off, especially in February.

Jocelyn said...

Here's a phrase you might want to start using, too, since you've gone to "fucktard" land:

Blogger sucks big donkey dick.

I KNOW. It's that offensive.

Warty Mammal said...

I am so sorry. Mostly I'm sorry for me, because I love reading your entries and now one is lost forever.

Worthless suggestion: draft your entries in a text editor, like TextEdit or WordPad, then copy and paste them into Blogger. Since I started doing that (and saving the drafts on my computer as I work) I haven't had Blogger blow away any entries.

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

My eyes! My eyes! My virgin eyes!!!!! *snicker*