Friday, February 05, 2010

In the news

Lotto Quebec has decided to go online with a casino. Oh horror, oh end of the world. All these people who don't gamble will start gambling and yadda yadda yadda...

The funny thing is how they're selling it as a way for people to gamble securely online. Seems lots of people get ripped off in online casinos. Who knew.

Honestly, I have no problem with Lotto Quebec opening an online casino. I don't give a damn. But fer chrissake people, stop being so damn hypocritical about it, it's not about "making sure people can gamble online securely". It's not a damn public service ! It's about making money. The government always needs more money. Just come out and say it. I dare you, just be honest for once, we can take it!



In other news:

The Quebec government has decided to use a new and revolutionary method of evaluating students:  KNOWLEDGE ! Because 5 or 6 years ago, the govenrnment decided to reform the school system.They did away with marks and went for evaluating competence - your problem solving skills, your skills at getting along etc. etc. and hopefully, some general knowledge was evaluated along the way. After all you wouldn't want a child to feel bad because they flunked. (And I'm not gonna start ranting on that particular way of looking at things, nope. Not today) And it seems school boards didn't all have the same marking system so there wasn,t much uniformity across the province. Or something. I never really did understand what the hell they were on about - and since I don't have kids, it was sort of a moot point anyway.

I'm sure BB could explain it all to our satisfaction, him being a teacher and all. Or maybe he's just as confused as the rest of us.

And so, this week, the big announcement. Starting next year students will be getting marked (with numbers no less!) on knowledge of a subject.  They're trying to spin it, but obviously the plan flopped big time. Once again some  bozo pushed his lets-use-the-kids-as-guinea-pigs-and-see-what-happens agenda. Once again it didn't work. The mind? It boggles.


In yet other news:

The Lieutenant Governor of Quebec...  - ok, let me 'splain for you Americans out there. Technically the Queen of England is still the boss of us, so Canada has a Governor General who represents her here and each province has a Lieutenant Governor who represents her and both offices cost us a fortune and why the hell is she still our "Queen" anyway and what a stupid fucking system that is, but I digress - so the LG holds a highly honorific post and doesn't do much of anything except hand out medals to deserving citizens and that sort of shit. Well, the guy seems to think he's all important and stuff, because he had his face stamped on the medals it seems. Yes, his face.


What the fuck?

Listen to the sound of my mind boggling.  Boggle, boggle, boggle.

Is the government as ridiculous outside Quebec? Really, I need to know.


And a last tidbit.

This one freaks me right the hell out though.

The Mohawks of the Kanawake reserve south of Montreal have decided that any whites living on the reserve must leave as legally, only Mohawks can live in the territory. The 26 (or so) people have received eviction notices and have 10 days to vacate. Who are these 26 people? They are spouses and boy/girlfriends of Mohawks. And no mixing should take place. They have the law on their side, but damn. I'm flabbergasted (damn, I love that word).

Lots of ink is flowing, talk of racism, racial purity, Hitler, you name it.

Here is the mp3 link to a radio interview.  It's on a French station, but the interview is in English, with the host translating from time to time..


Anonymous said...

They're testing kids on knowledge and giving them grades? No good can come of this. Parents are going to complain because their kids aren't getting "good efforts" anymore. Kids are going to whine because they have to learn stuff now. Teachers will demand higher salaries for all the extra work this means. (PS: My captcha word is SLABSCRU - ha ha ha)

Anonymous said...

Too much to think about in our ever-deteriorating world. About the native thing -- come to BC and see this sort of bullshit reverse racism in full action. In fact, the turf they have all claimed in BC is, I believe, larger than the actual province.

Jocelyn said...

You've actually done an excellent job of explaining the relationship between the monarchy and modern Canada. It made me laugh, and government is always laughable, right?

I always love it when you do ranty stuff.

dave1949 said...

Harrumph. We are not amused. Every government has to have some show and tell stuff to keep the peasants entertained and in the grand scheme of things we actually get a real bargain here.
We get the majesty and grandeur of her Majesty and all for the price of a few locals who get to dress up and play queen.
Unlike Britain where thsy have to give her so much money she's one of the richest people in the world.
Now the price of all that majestic majesty will have to be revisited when Ear flap Charlie and his wedded Horse move in to the front rank but what the heck.

furiousBall said...

where does Tim Horton sit in the hierarchy of your government? His donuts are outstanding.

Gaelyn said...

I love and support your rants!

All governements are F..Ked by their very nature.

Jazz said...

XUP - You know you're right of course. Remember when parents let people teach?

Ian - idiots. Idiots everywhere. The interview is truly mindboggling.

Joce - I made you smile? My work is done here.

Dave - Believe the, the Quebec LG has neither majesty nor grandeur. Actually nor does the GG in my opinion.

Fuball - well, everyone knows Timmy rules.

Gaelyn - Happy to see you back from vacation. It's wrong you should be on vacation while I'm not.

Guillaume said...

The function of LG is ridiculous, but I have to say that however ridiculous is the new guy, he is a million times better than Lise Thibault (which is not saying much).

And yes, the education system in Québec is sadly an epic failure.

secret agent woman said...

I can't believe they'd evict the significant others. It's a tough issue, though. I don't know how it's worked in Canada but here the Native Americans got so screwed over that it's hard to begrudge any move to restore a little power to them.

Von said...

I'm flabbergasted, I thought you'd done away with having a monarchy and all the trappings years ago!
Like us you must surely be ready to be a Republic?? Get rid of irrelavancy I say!
Similar arguments happening here re educaion and grading.Here though the schools have been graded!Some upset people out there but ti makes foran interesting twist and takes the focus of kids and puts it on to teachers achieving results.

Anonymous said...

Great rants :0)

Big Brother said...
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Big Brother said...

OK let's try again, Now to explain the reform...First take Ivory Tower Bureaucrats (ITB's) who have never set foot in a classroom and are looking for an excuse to keep their jobs. Then take schoolbook publishers who haven't sold many textbooks in a while because everyone has the books they need for the program. Then have said publishers go cry to the Minister of Education and ITB's realize here is the excuse they were searching for. And VOILÀ it's reform time.
I'll I know it sounds ridiculous but there you are.

tattytiara said...

I've known people who have had to choose between living in the community they love on reservations or with the partners they love. Heartbreaking.

geewits said...

Do these "Queen representatives" get paid? That sure seems like a waste of money.

Suldog said...

First, flabbergasted is perhaps my all-time favorite word.

As for the on-line casino, right on. I despise it when the government - any government - clothes their self-interest in supposed benevolence for the suckers... excuse me, citizens. I would love to see the payout rates for the various games being offered and compare them to brick-and-mortar casinos. Probably much worse. Hey, but it's SAFE!

And the Kanawake... I suppose they have the right to do whatever they want. And, as a libertarian, I would fight for that right. Still doesn't make it morally cool, though. Not in the least.

Susan Tuttle said...

i've always enjoyed your honesty:)