Friday, February 10, 2006

Confessions of a blog addict

I am obviously a blogophile as can be deduced from the list of blog links to the left.

To prove just how insane I can actually be, today I finished reading Les Cadeaux from the beginning. All. Three. Years. Of. It.

More to the point, I have done that with all the blogs in the link list. It just dawned on me that that is sick. I mean, who the hell does that? Who reads three or four years of a blog? It strikes me as being somewhat strange and creepy.

Stranger and creepier? I check them daily and feel disappointed if there's nothing new. How fucked is that? I feel like some slimy cyber stalker or something. Hello Jazz, those people actually have lives. *shudders*

But I'm not a stalker, really I'm not. I'm actually quite a nice person, ya know? I just like to keep up with "the people who live in my computer" to quote the immortal Wee . Now if only I can get people to believe me.

Off to the cottage tonight for a WHOLE weekend. Because of circumstances, in the past few weeks this hasn't happened much. Besides having the clean up the place really well because it's rented for next weekend, I will be doing nothing. Sitting beside stove tonight, watching the fire, drinking margaritas, maybe watching a movie or King of the Hill, and basically the whole weekend will follow that pattern. The last thing I want is to be productive in any way shape or form. This week has been a killer and next week is gonna be just more of the same. Bleh.
I have come to the conclusion over the past 20 or so years of working that the concept of earning a living is highly overrated. And my job is actually pretty good. I remember once in Cegep (basically last year of high school and first of University elsewhere than in Quebec where we do things differently because, hey, we must! But I digress....) So, in Cegep in some class we had set up a business, based on a real one.

We went to visit a soap company. Or maybe my sister was doing that and I tagged along - digressiona gain. This company made MIR dish soap (cheap crap it was, still is for all I know). Anyway, to this day the image of the assembly line sticks in my head. The woman who was the last in line. Her job was to check that the labels were stuck on right. That's right folks. She checked each bottle off the assembly line to see that the label was stuck. Eight hours a day, five days a week. Year in, year out - though I don't suppose you can do that job for very many years without going quietly, or not so quietly, insane.

So yeah, I've got it good. But I still think working for a living is highly overrated. And I should be allowed not to. So there!


And how is this for bizarre? I have got my big brother blogging, who'd've ever thunk it? Wanna take bets on how long he'll last?


Anonymous said...

You can hijack my comments anytime! I think it is cool that you take the time to go back and really try to see the trajectory of the person you are reading.

Hope your weekend is GRAND~!

Hageltoast said...

lol, i get cross when i check my fave blogs and there is nothing new too, it's very inconsiderate of people not to understand my needs. ;)