Monday, February 27, 2006

Tax time!

Yesterday evening, my mom in law asked me to bring her my tax stuff so she could do my taxes (the mom in law is truly the best mom in law in all the history of moms in law). When I gathered everything together I realized I never recieved a tax return from the Federal government.

I truly believe they have it in for me. Half the time I never get my tax return, I fall off the electoral lists... What have I DONE to these people? I pay my taxes, I vote at every election, I'm more or less the model citizen. Ok, I'm a Quebecer, but hell, I'm not a separatist. Why oh why do they hate me so?


Last weekend at the cottage, we got onto the subject of the weather with a couple of friends. Now, this happens all the time and we got to wondering: Why are we so damned preoccupied with the weather in Quebec? The weather that was, the weather that is, the weather that will be. Radio stations (in the morning at any rate) have weather updates every five minutes (!!). We are fucking obsessed with the weather. I've never noticed this particular fetish anywhere else. Not in France or Belgium, not in Vietnam or Nepal, not in Tucson or California. Granted, the weather here is maybe somewhat more extreme, but still, it's not as if we weren't equipped to deal with it. Or maybe people elsewhere are just as obsessed, but are able to shut up about it.
So, did I tell you, it's beautiful out today, and it was 18 below (that's 0 for you non metric types) with a windchill of -30 this morning.