Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Life is good

I did a collage last weekend that was, surprisingly enough, about 65% of what I had imagined. Which for me is pretty damn good, since only 35% got lost in translation from my head to the actual "making of". And I really quite like it.

And the weather is good, the birds seem to be back in force this week, there is much twittering and singing and all around good cheer it seems in the avian world. Can't wait to get up to the cottage this week and feed my birdies.

I feel like spring was actually in the air today. One of those fantastic February days that make you believe it'll all actually end - until, 24 hours later you're back in deep freeze. Today would be a wonderful day to go to a park and play with a dog, if I had one. Bluepoppy, can I borrow Henry and Ollie?

I'm so incredibly up today that even proofreading Excel tables can't get me down. I imagine I'll be crashing soon, but what the hell, right now life is good people.