Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A few Superbowl Statistics

Maybe this is why they call it the "SUPERBOWL"

There are amazing statistics, and then there are Super Bowl statistics-and those are just as amazing. (…)

· Pounds of potato chips consumed on Super Bowl Sunday = 11 million
· Pounds of tortilla chips = 8.2 million
· Pounds of popcorn = 3.8 million
· Average number of people attending a Super Bowl party = 18
· Percentage increase in sales of frozen breaded mushrooms prior to the Super Bowl = 36%
· Percentage increase in sales of frozen shrimp = 29 percent
· Amount of $$ spent on soft drinks at grocery stores during Super Bowl week = $237.2 million
· Calories consumed by the average Super Bowl watcher = 1,200
· Amount of time needed to burn off those 1,200 calories = walking: 4 hrs, running 1 hr 45 min · % increase in sales of proceed-cheese loaves the week before last year's Super Bowl = 30%
· Increase in sales of flavored snack crackers = 68 percent
· Number of pizzas Pizza Hut expects to prepare on Super Bowl Sunday = 2 million
· Top Super Bowl seller at grocery stores = what else? Frozen pizza
· Additional sales of beer = $11.8 million
· Pounds of snack food Americans scarf down on Super Bowl Sunday = 30.4 million, twice the average daily amount

Source: Nubella.com

And from The Guardian.com :

So who ate all the snacks? Even by their gargantuan standards of over-indulgence, couch potato Americans are preparing to outdo themselves during today's Super Bowl, the sporting highlight of the country's year. They will guzzle their way through truckloads of crisps, peanuts, pretzels, popcorn, nachos, pizza, olives, biscuits, cheese and anything else they can find in the fridge. Britons may drink themselves silly during big games - Americans stuff themselves stupid.
According to research by the US Calorie Control Council, gridiron fans will today eat 11 million pounds of crisps, 8m lbs of tortilla chips, 4m lbs of pretzels and 2.5m lbs of nuts. The average armchair quarterback will consume 1,200 calories, and 50 grams of fat, in a three-hour scoffing binge. The average Eritrean struggles to eat that in a day.

For the whole nation, the consumption is staggering. A total of 156 billion calories will be absorbed by the 130 million people watching the Pittburgh Steelers take on the Seattle Seahawks at Ford Field in Detroit. You could satisfy east Africa's 11 million hungry for about a week with that.

Needless to say, such intakes have a devastating effect on the health of Americans. This is a people born with silver shovels in their mouths, claim the cynics, who argue that authorities will soon have to install speed bumps at all-you-eat-buffets, hand out estimates rather than menus in restaurants, and grease door frames so that people can squeeze through.

Hence the Calorie Control Council has issued special Super Bowl advice for this first time. Try low-fat crisps, it has recommended. Axe the fatty dips with pretzels and have salsa instead. The council is even urging fans to try a pre-tournament workout: running round a stadium track for an hour and a quarter would nicely balance that 1,200 calorie intake. Right.

I can't help but wonder what is WRONG with North America.

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Ellie said...

Thanks a lot for the statistics! I'm writing a paper on how Americans take the money they've been given for granted compared to how the rest of the world lives. Your points about calorie intake were perfect! Hopefully you and I will get an A! :)