Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A meme...

A meme I "borrowed" from Blue Poppy. Anyone care to do it?

I AM: Many things, sometimes contradictory.

I SAID: I would never join the rat race; I said I would live an exciting life. My MOM SAID: We’ll talk again in 20 years.

I WANT: Lunch

I WISH: I knew what I want to do when I grow up

I HATE: people who drive while talking on the phone (probably because one almost ran me over once – and had the gall to act as if it were my fault, when in fact HE was running a light)

I MISS: my dad, still

I FEAR: that I will die because of some idiot politician

I HEAR: this fucking ventilation system. All. The. Fucking. Time!!!!

I WONDER: if I would get in trouble if I smashed it.

I REGRET: not having lived my adolescence and never having done anything crazy.

I AM NOT: confrontational

I DANCE: rarely

I SING: only alone in the car – I don’t want to inflict that on anyone

I AM NOT ALWAYS: a nice person

I MADE: a cool collage yesterday morning when I got to work

I WRITE: because I can’t not
I CONFUSE: shallots and scallions

I NEED: to add more creativity to my life – and not in the sense of “Oh, you solved that problem very creatively”. I mean, puleeeeze.

I SHOULD: get my ass in gear and start altering that book

I START: many more things than I finish

I FINISH: pretty much every book I start

I BELIEVE: there is no god

I KNOW: I might be wrong

I CAN: make people laugh

I CAN’T: carry a tune to save my life

I SEE: that life as an adult is a million times less exciting than I thought it would be as a teenager

I BLOG: because, hell, I don't know. Because I want to be heard? Which would be pathetic. Because I have fun doing it.

I READ: voraciously


IT PISSES ME OFF: when people think because I’m a secretary I’m a servant, and a stupid one at that.

I FIND: Myself more and more fascinated by birds.

I LIKE: lazy Sunday mornings at the cottage

I LOVE: that the trees are finally green even if the weather isn’t great

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