Monday, May 01, 2006

Paris, here I come!

It's been a while. But honestly I had nothing even remotely interesting to say. And I didn't have the time, work has been horrific. And and and... and I could find a million other excuses, but I really don't care because WEDNESDAY, I'M GOING TO PARIS!!!! and I ACTUALLY CAUGHT UP ON THE BLOGS I READ! Oh joy, oh happiness, now I know wassup with all those people out there who I don't know from Adam, but whose lives are more important to me than lots of people I know personally. Is that weird? (and why do I always write wierd first before correcting it? Deep thoughts indeed for a Monday morning).

This is the first time in ages I've really felt excited about leaving. Usually it only hits when I'm actually in the plane. But this time I'm all alfutter at the thought of going to Paris again with Mr. Jazz and wandering around and, well, despite staying with friends, doing something of the romantic vacation away with my boy.

I've also been thinking a lot about packing. Usually I'm a "jeans and a couple of t-shirts in a gym bag" type of packer. But this time, somehow I don't feel like packing light (which I notice makes packing much harder). Somehow Paris seems to call for flirty skirts and sexy tops. Makeup and cute shoes. And huges hopes that the weather will cooperate with this vision.

Old age is turning my brain to mush. Romantic? Flirty skirts? *shudder*

A couple of must dos when we're there:

La coulée verte is an elevated 4.5 km walk built on a disused train line. With tons of flowers and greenery. Several people have told us about it. Apparently it's spectacular.

And the Cow Parade is in Paris! I've always loved the cows, and I have a few of the figurines. To actually see some in person has been a long time project. And this weekend, my m-i-l told me she saw in the paper that they were in Paris! Yippi!

Then, there's the "just wandering around and taking in the sights and sounds" tour we always do.

And of course, the Père Lachaise cemetary No visit to Paris is complete without going there. I absolutely love the place and try to go every time I'm in Paris - and not because of Jim Morrison.

Last, but oh so definitely not least, I'll have to eat a Paris-Brest, the best pastries in the world, and hard to find outside France. I did find some here in Montreal once, but it just wasn't the same.

See you all when I get back!


Anonymous said...



AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU-- and okay, perhaps a wee bit jealous . .


Carly-Ann said...

I am *SO* envious! I was in Paris for two weeks in February and I haven't been the same since. I miss it so much that your post here made me tear up. Have a fabulous time.

(Made it here through Toast's blog.)

Hageltoast said...

Have a really wonderull time and bring us tales and photos!!!

Pat said...

Have a great time Jazz!! Report back to us at Friends!!

Big Brother said...

Just got back from Washington with my students... nice place but definately not as beautiful as Paris. I'm not an urban type person,as you well know I'm more into a mountain and a backpack, but Paris captured my heart the time that I was there... walking along the Seine, the mellow colour of Notre Dame in the afternoon sun, an fountain, green chair and an ice cream in les Tuileries. Have fun and profites-en. AND I'M JEALOUS!!!

Foxtrot said...

I saw the cows! I returned from Paris last Thursday and I am already planning my next visit. It's nice to stay with friends isn't it? Mine live in the 11th.

And yes, Paris has a lot of flirty skirts and gorgeous tops. Spring in Paris... there is something sooo nice about it. Hope you have a great time! Of course, you're there as I type this... :)