Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A new era in Quebec

Today is a landmark day in the Jazzer’s life.

Today, straight after work, I am going to Bily Kun to have a drink.

“Ok, fine, and this is a watershed moment for you?” , you ask, thinking to yourself because you’re much to polite to voice it out loud, “She needs a life. Seriously.”

Yes, it is, because beginning today smoking is banned in all bars and restaurants in Quebec. I will actually be able to spend more than 15 minutes in a bar without starting to cough, without my eyes itching and running. It. Will. Be. Pure. Bliss. Believe me, it will.

Ok, granted that won’t turn me into a barfly, but damn how nice will it be to actually be able to go comfortably into a bar once in a while.

Reaction is all the way over the place. Some bar owners say they’ll let people smoke, others are planning to close for a week to repaint and clean up. Lots of the smokers say they think it’s a good idea, lots of others say it’s a damn stupid idea, that there should be non smoking areas, period (sorta like having a peeing section in a pool I’d say, but what do I know, being a rabid non smoker who actually likes to breathe).

So tonight I will go celebrate. Have a glass of wine without rushing because I’m too uncomfortable to stay any longer. Chat with friends for a couple of hours, see what this whole socializing in a bar thing is all about.

For once I sincerely thank the government. Hell, they have to get it right once in a while.

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paula said...

We've had to avoid many restaurants, etc, because of The Mister's asthma. Many smokers are too selfish to understand the extent that their smoking hurts the people around them. I hope your time at 'le bar' was a hoot!