Friday, July 21, 2006

Photo ops galore

Our PM, Harper went to Cyprus in his government plane to pick up a load of Canadians and bring them home. So now, plastered across the front pages, we have pics of him and Mrs. Harper smiling broadly at the Canadians getting on the plane, very much like flight attendants greeting a load of touists. Damage control for the way he handled (or didn't in many Canadians' opinion) the whole repatriation crisis.

As for the Quebec government, they've set up a greeting system at the Montreal airport for arriving repats. They whisk them to the Hilton for TLC and psychological counselling, with ambulances on hand for any who might need them. More back patting and aren't we wonderful, don't forget this at the next election.

Call me a cynic, but in my opinion all these public relations and photo ops are a load of crap. Out of the goodness of their hearts? Nope, out of the need to grab more votes when election time rolls around.

Give me a fuckin' break.

Jazz doesn't feel like smiling at these "feel good" bullshit fests vomited up by the spin doctors. I can just see their minds spinning when came the time to evacuate our citizens from Lebanon! What a golden opportunity make the politicos look good - they must've been licking their chops with joy.

Jazz is getting older and more cynical by the day.

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Anonymous said...

not cynical, darling-- just clear-eyed.