Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rain storms and construction hols.

Have you ever been awakened by rain? Just the sound of rain. No thunder, no lightening, just rain falling so damn hard it actually wakes you up?

Happened to me last night up at the cottage – I’ve rarely ever heard anything like it. It seems as if I had just let the rain lull me back to sleep when the thunder started. I must’ve jumped a foot into the air. I hate, no, I loathe waking up like that, heart racing, adrenaline pumping, in a total panic ready to defend myself to the death… But Mr. Jazz was there, rubbing my back, whispering that it was ok, soothing me like he does so well. I lurves my Mr. J.

Mr. Jazz and I have been spending our nights at the cottage for the past week and coming to work in the morning because there’s no traffic since it’s construction holidays in Quebec.

Yes, in Quebec, land of snow and slush, the construction industry (and pretty much any other industy more or less attached to it) shuts down for the last two weeks of July. Two weeks of a very short summer. Two weeks where you’d figure a lot of construction work get be done if vacations were staggered over the summer.

But no. The construction industry shuts down in Quebec for two weeks because, well because that's the way it is. So everyone can zoom on down to Ogunquit and Wildwood for two weeks of an intense all Quebecer invasion of New England beaches*. Gotta love the logic of that.

Course, because of it, I get to spend nights at the cottage for two weeks being wakened by rain storms. S'all good.

*Ogunquit and Wildwood are the perfect places to observe the Homo Quebecensus in all its paunchy, sunburned summer glory.


choochoo said...

yeah, I love rain-sounds when I'm in bed. But I like it even more if there's lightning and thunder mixed in with it:)

Hageltoast said...

I love storms!!! but I hate waking up freaked!