Friday, July 14, 2006

Welcome to my world.

This entry contains material which is draped in self pity and assorted pathetic idiocy. View discretion is advised.

First thing Mr. Jazz says to me this morning when he came to the bedroom to say bye before leaving for the gym : "Are you going to start going to the gym again next week?"

I know I have to get my fat ass back to the gym, but being told so first thing in the morning is not something I want to hear.

Haul said fat ass out of bed. Change the sheets so I can wash them at the cottage this weekend. Plus my niece is staying over this weekend, I wouldn’t want her sleeping in dirty sheets.

Get stuff ready so departure to cottage will be speeded up.

Stand bleary eyed in front of kitchen counter wondering whether it is worthwhile to make a smoothie and have to wash the blender or simply have a glass of OJ. Decide to make smoothie as it will probably be one of the high points of the day. *le sigh*

Catch bus. Full bus. Bus with 63,256,748 people on it. Bleh.

Get to work. Respond to multiple emails; find out that I have to print all the documents on a CD. Hundreds of documents to print and file in binders. Proceed to bang head against wall.

Start the &?*%/$ printing. Can you spell B-O-A-R-D-O-M?

This is where I’m at. This afternoon will be more of the same, as will Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and the rest of next week, and the week after that, and the months after that and the years after that. * le double sigh*

Had I know when I was younger that adult life was this fuckin’ boring… My mother tried to tell me, but did I listen? Nope, my life was going to be different. Well so much for that plan. My life and I are just as boring and predictable as everyone else.

For the record, I know I have it good. I know my life is easy compared to so many other people. I know, alright!?! Just let me get on with my pity party so I can annoy the hell out of me and get the fuck over myself already, ok. Gimme a couple of hours and I’ll be my usual bright and chipper self. *le triple sigh*


yellowandorange said...

I know that boredom!! I do!!!

Toni (kamper)

Hageltoast said...

wallow to your hearts content huny, it's good for the soul. ;)