Thursday, September 21, 2006

Obsevation and irritations


Over the past few months I’ve noticed** something while following links from blog to blog.

There are a lot of funny, intelligent blogs out there. Of those funny, intelligent blogs I’ve noticed that those belonging to men, tend to attract female commenters much more than other men. Hoards of female commenters. Perhaps simply because women are more comfortable commenting.

Come to think of it, the funny, intelligent blogs belonging to women also attract female commentors.

The interesting thing is the tone of the comments. Comments on women’s blogs, tend to sound "girlfriend to girlfriend-ish" (for want of a better term).

When women comment on the men’s blogs, however, the comments often have a whole different, almost fawning tone; very “highschool girlish”. It’s totally bizarre, as if they’re out to impress the boys and stroke their egos. Takes me waaaaaay back. Shudderingly far back.

It’s as if they're competing, jockeying for position, out to prove they are smarter and wittier than the others, and more worthy of attention.

This is especially stange when the same person comments on two different blogs, one written by a guy and one by a woman…

It’s a whole different world. Totally surreal.


For the record :
- you know it’s gonna be a bad day when you WAKE IUP with a tension headache.
- Christmas decorations have no freaking business in stores yet. It’s not even October for chrissake. I can almost understand Hallow’een stuff, but Christmas? Geez!

** ChooChoo and I were discussing this phenomenon just this morning.


choochoo said...

christmas decorations? Jeesus, that's just plain wrong. They put out christmas candy and stuff like that in the stores in September two years ago, and ppl were genuinly pissed. So now they wait aaaal the way until October...

Jazz said...

Christmas irritates the hell outta me. Actually the Hallow'een stuff was in stores in August.

Someone really has to shoot these people.

Hageltoast said...

Halloween can't start early enough for me! Love it!! Christmas is banned until DEcember 1st, my b-day is Nov 30th so I am blind to christmas until then (well sort of).
I comment differently on peoples blogs because I have a different relationship with them (not taking the comment personally, just observing)but yes there is a difference in tone in most people and it is a shame more guys dont comment.

Foxtrot said...

Ya know, I'd like to ban everything, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, the lot. I'd like to take a break from it all. I can't stand the "expectations" that people have over it. It's driving me bonkers... so there ya go girlfriend!

I haven't noticed the difference in comments because I don't surf through blogs yet (give me a few more months).

Phil said...

You and ChooChoo are obviously intelligent and perceptive women. I for one have certainly never noticed any fawning going on at my blog. All the comments I receive are completely objective and accurate as far as I can tell. Do you and ChooChoo know each other in real life?

Anonymous said...

your observations are spot-on.

Isn't it amazing? But then, I guess, I shouldn't be surprised. But the anthropologist in me likes your analysis.


choochoo said...

Jazz is my loyal sidekick. She's going to be my right hand frog when I take over the universe. Ain't that right, Jazz?

Big Brother said...

JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE ALL THE WAYYYYYY!!! Must be hard on Santa's poor sleigh runners not to speak of the reindeer. In the immortal words of Ebenezer Scrooge;
Enough said.

Jazz said...

No, we don't know each other in real life, but yes, I will beher loyal sidekick when she takes over the universe, known and unknown. I'll be in charge of punishing the idiots...

Tim Rice said...

I tend to think that fewer men blog than women. At least, that seems to be my experience. Therefore, maybe women feel they have to compete more for a man's attention???

But at any rate, I have never felt that women were trying to fawn on my blog. But maybe I'm just blind. ;)