Monday, September 25, 2006


As I did my weekly perusal of the brilliantly funny What not to knit blog, brought ot us by the same people responsible for What not to crochet, I came upon this link:

Mohair Knitter

This seriously begs the question, why, I ask, would you want to wear fuzzy mohair leggings, or shorts, or a mohair catsuit... or a fushia mohair balaclava that makes you look like nothing so much as Chewbacca with a bad dye job?

And then there's this:

This is a "Fuzzy Mohair Willy Warmer" I'm all for a warm willy, I would love for Mr. Jazz to be able to always keep his willy warm, but wouldn't this be terribly itchy on those delicate boy parts? Just sayin', ya know?

These items are for sale on Ebay. Do people actually buy them? As gifts, as jokes? I'm sure this has to be a joke... I mean, seriously, a willy warmer?

I guess I'm setting myself up for a nasty comment if the knitter in question googles herself, as happened here with Marjorie. But hey, you put stuff like that on the net, you expose yourself.


choochoo said...

are you sure that those things are mohair leggings? Maybe they just have really hairy legs? With a bad dye job?

Anonymous said...

The People who buy all these items are Mohair Fetishists, and there are thousands of them , at least 6,000, who belong to a fetish website, and there must be many more thousands, who dont own a computer , or do not know about the websites ! .... there are a few !!!!

Anonymous said...

FranzMohair said...

Hello, My name is ANGORAPANTS and I am a MOHAIR and/or ANGORA FETISHIST. Basically if it is fuzzy, hairy and soft I want it! All my partners are and have always been the same, thus we got along great. During lovemaking it works best if both partners wear lots of fuzzy, hairy KNIT MOHAIR items to be shed gradually during foreplay. Any more questions?

Anonymous said...

My screen name is mohair_cd and I too am a hopelessly addicted sweater favorites being mohair and angora. I absolutely love the feel of mohair and/or angora on my skin and the more complete the coverage the better.