Monday, October 16, 2006

Things I learned since the weekend

It’s hard to type when you don’t have use of your left index finger

A professionally done dressing on a wound makes it look much worse than it really is.

Six Band-Aids on a wound make it look much less worse than it actually is.

Band-Aids don’t soak up very much blood.

Blood and gore are actually fascinate me. I shoulda been a surgeon. Or a butcher.

It’s annoying to type when you don’t have use of your left index finger. (I think I mentioned that).

It's a good idea to keep your fingers out of harm's way when you're chopping vegetables. Which is why chefs do that fingers curled under thing when they're cutting. Well duh! (yes, go ahead y'all, roll your eyes...)

Sanelli knives are really very very sharp. They have no problem whatsoever slicing through misplaced fingers. Or at any rate slicing off 25% of the nail of an index finger along with assorted skin under and around said nail... is this TMI?

But they’re really great looking with their green and orange handles.

I love me my knives. And this one? It's brilliant, truly it is.


Tim Rice said...

You gave an impressive list of facts. :) And you're right it is good to keep fingers out of harm's way; but somehow it's too easy to mess up every once in a while. By the way, I like the brilliant colors of your knife. A great knife indeed.

Hope your finger heals quickly. It would be a challenge to type efficiently without an index finger.

Big Brother said...

Somehow this situation doesn't surprise me. If you think typing minus an index finger is tough, you should try it with a cast... Hope you weren't going to serve the veggies to a vegetarian. I wonder does eating veggies that have been splattered with human blood count as cannibalism?
Anyhow great looking knife lil' sister too bad it is so sharp, maybe Mr. Jazz should grind down the edge a little so it doesn't cut as much. Take care, all of us at Big Brother's house want you in one piece.

Carolyn said...

back away from the knife...

Jazz said...

Big Bro - Incredibly enough I cut myself much less since the knives are regularly sharpened. I just do it more spectacularly. As for the cast, you don't make your living typing...

Tim - Yeah, quire - um quite the challenge. LOL


As a side note, all the letters in the word verification were left handed. That is patently unfair when I have only 4 fingers to type with.

Anonymous said...

I have a set of very nice - and insanely expensive knives - that I was given as a christmas present once. Wanna play with'em? I'd let you, if you wash the blood off afterwards:D

Am I a pal, or what? Of course I am

pupski said...


Jazz said...

Choochoo - I get the knives I don't give 'em back. If I bleed on 'em, they're mine.

Pupski - INDEED

PS: crap, another left handed word verification (well 90% anyway)

paula said...

Ouchy! Creative way to share your self-induced injury! It is the case that I cut myself much more with the dull knives than the sharp, though rarely have I had sharp knives in my possession. Did you happen to see the video clip of Martha Stewart and David Letterman chopping vegetables on his show? He cut himself, too. Martha's reaction is surprising. You can find it on YouTube if you're interested. Heal up soon! And beeee careful!