Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Two things…

How come now that we have all these “time saving” gadgets, cell phones, blackberries, and other such thingies, we have much less time than we used to?

Seems like the only people who actually have time on their hands are those who have eschewed those same gadgets.

Just a thought.

The Journal de Montréal, Montreal’s very own tabloid carried a series of articles yesterday on anorexia and the media’s role in “promoting” it. How young women develop anorexia because they see too many emaciated models in magazines, etc. etc. And no, I don’t want to get into that debate.

However, the Quebec Minister of Health has announced today that this obsession with thinness must stop. He will apparently be going to modeling agencies and such to speak to them about it.

Yep, you heard it here first. Anorexia will stop because Couillard is gonna take matters into his chubby capable hands. I can’t help but wonder what measures he can actually take? Anyone with a BMI under normal will be whisked away and force fed until they’re nice and curvy? Will he institute a ban on fashion magazines with skinny models? Will models have to go underground?

Don’t ya just love it when the government, because of an outcry over a few sensationalistic articles in a tabloid, jumps on the bandwagon, fists waving and hopping up and down in righteous indignation?

And we’re supposed to have total respect for these people. Media whores, all of ‘em.


Tim Rice said...

Time-saving gadgets often do raise false hopes. With the exception of the computer, most times I find myself better off without them.

Hageltoast said...

I love gadgets, I don't care if they occupy my time rather than save it as long as they are shiny and bright! Uh huh , magpie.
As for the old fat/thin/just right thing... I think everyone needs to take a step back and stop controlling everything, let our people and countries find equilibrium naturally instead of trying to force it on us, it is perhaps time we evolved a little rather than just adapting the world so we can stay put.

Jazz said...

Tim and Toast - Personally I'm gadgetless - no cell phone, I don't even have a computer at home, though I'm actually starting to think about that...

Big Brother said...

It's really simple when you look at it.In the good old days, when I was in the army and had to push paper, when you wanted to send info to someone you wrote it out longhand,re-read it, made any corrections, handed it to a secretary who typed it onto a memorandum in three copies, which you then signed. It was then sent by snailmail. I can guarantee that only the most important info got sent.
Today you get all this info, copy-paste it into a message and email it. It's really easy, so all kinds of totally useless information gets sent around, just in case someone might need it. I know of many people that will spend a lot of time going through a pile of totally useless emails, which should have never been sent in the first place. So the time saved by using email, is more than lost by having to read and sort tons of junk.
As for cell phones... well as I said to my friends there is always an off button that can be pressed. The phone is for my convenience not theirs :o)