Thursday, May 24, 2007

Randomness... AKA My Head is All Over the Place

This morning’s existential question: Why does 14 degrees (57F) feel so much warmer at 7:00 a.m. than at 5:00 pm. This morning when I left for work it seemed positively balmy. A few days ago it was 14 right after work and it seemed chilly… Go figure.

Why are teenagers obnoxious? Yes, yes, I know, I was no better, but really, what is it that makes them so… well loathsome at times. ‘Course I know lots of insufferable adults too, so I guess it’s moot. I'm turning into a nasty intolerant old witch. But I'm ok with that.

In other news… Steve Hogarth, the lead singer of Marillion will be doing a solo show (he and his piano) in North America on July 2nd. One show in North America. Only one. And it'll be in Montreal! We are the chosen. One guess as to what I’m doing July 2… *happy dance*

"The Secret" has been translated and has hit Quebec. Seems to me the secret is not visualizing that your life is perfect and having it happen; the real secret having the balls to con gullible people (yep ChooChoo, those 95%) into spending $30.00 for this book*. The mind boggles.

Yummy bloggy goodness:

From Les Cadeaux: Apparently the New York Times has declared that the clavicle is the IT body part of the summer. Sticking out collarbones make you trendy. WTF is with that? The mind boggles all over again.

You must read Miss Doxie's latest blog. Sounds like something that would happen to me. Actually you must read all of Miss Doxie's posts. She will have you in stitches. Promise.

Paula made me a drawing! Just for me… *swoon*

And over at Blue Poppy's house, is Henry not, with his sharpei-ey face and perky/floppy ears, the most adorable dog evah! I am in love with Henry. Henry is the other guy in my life. *swoon redux*

* And here I am linking you to their site. There's even a gift shop ferchrissake! A fool and his money are soon parted. Indeed.


ticknart said...

And bunnies. What's with all the carrots? What do they need such good eyesight for anyway?

Evil Spock said...

Yup, whenever I see a clavicle, I'm all like I wanna get with that!

Oh, and I wrote again, rather than incur the wrath of a dancing/singing frog. If you can act, you're a triple-threat amphibian!

Jazz said...

Tick - you know, I never even wondered about that. Sometimes however, I wonder about you, mon chou.

Spock - I can act. It has saved my froggy hide more than once in my miserable life, dahling.

Big Brother said...

Hard to get more random than that sort of like the ados you decry... but then again it's pretty much how you've always been.

choochoo said...

I know why. We had a class about it. Trust me, it's boring and you don't really wanna know.

Ian Lidster said...

Miss Doxie is hilarious. Wonderfully written. Thank you for pointing her out to 'your' faithful readers. But, dear Jazz, you are equally hilarious.


geewits said...

I think the temperature thing goes like this: In the morning you have been rushing around so you are a little warmer than usual. In the evening you are tired and slower and we are always chilier when we are tired.

Teenagers are so annoying because they think they know everything and we know they think they know everything because we've BEEN teenagers, which is also why we know that teenagers don't know jack.

Jocelyn said...

The collarbone. Trendy. Kee-rist.

Why can't they ever proclaim big, soft bellies trendy? I would be SO "in."

Jazz said...

BB: :-p

Choochoo: But I do want to know!

Ian: Many thanks

Geewits: Your teenager explanation makes perfect sense...

Jocelyn: You an me both.

tracey said...

I told my children that the night before they turned 13, their brains would roll out their ear and escape, and that they'd not begin to grow it back until they were 20. Geek Boy insisted he'd be wearing ear plugs, but his brain heard him and escaped three weeks early.

That is my theory on teenagers.