Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Well, here I am, back in the wonderful world of work for pay rather than play for pay. Honestly I much prefer the latter. Unfortunately the latter doesn’t come without the former unless you’re Paris Hilton or someone like. Somehow, being Paris Hilton doesn’t quite do it for me.

So. Back to the real world, back to the blogging world. I almost did get a post in from Paris, but I was defeated by that %$#&**$# AZERTY keyboard. It took hours to actually write a coherent sentence (ok, that wasn’t only because of the keyboard, the previous evening probably had something to do with that), much less and entire post. Finally I figured it simply wasn’t worth the effort to revert to that tried and true “hunt and peck” method favoured by millions. I do not hunt. I do not peck. And I am too old to start.

And now, I have a major case of blogging block (insert heavy sigh here), so I’ll fall back on that old standby, the list:

  • The show was great. In itself worth the trip. Hogarth was in great form. As usual.

  • The weather was awesome, high 20s (which would be 70s for you non-metric folk), sunshine, such a change from Montreal, thank god. Actual leaves in the trees if you can believe it!! Awesome weather even in Belgium, country of rain and grey skies. Go figure.

  • I actually did a touristy thing in Paris and climbed to the top of the Sacré-Coeur in Montmartre. All 500 or so steps. The view is spectacular, the stairs wind up and up and up and get smaller all the time… not for the very out of shape. Walking around Montmartre as such was sort of bleh. “Artists” hassling you ever three steps to do your portrait and masses, throngs of packed humanity in the form of tourists – and the season hadn’t even started. Not so much for me.

  • Despite rumours and clichés, all the Parisians (including waiters) I met were very nice. Same as every time I’ve been to Paris. Maybe I’m the lucky one.

  • It’s great to see friends you haven’t seen in a long while. Which is why I never do touristy things in France and Belgium, I’m too busy catching up.

  • Beautiful though Paris might be, I really wouldn’t want to live there. Brussels, though maybe not as architecturally wonderful, seems much more liveable to me. But what do I know…

  • We brought back the great weather with us, though when we arrived in Montreal on the 4th, it was depressing to see all those grey, leafless trees…

  • We spent our second week of vacation at the cottage. It was actually hot out, spring sprang and we basically spent the week doing lots of nothing and drinking good wine. Pure bliss.

Now it’s back to reality, and to blogs with more bite. I never find anything to bitch about when I’m on vacation. It’s quite disturbing really, I seem to morph into this strange hybrid of me. If I were still in hybrid mode, I'd say wow, it's great to be back.

But I'm not so I won't - no offense.


Jocelyn said...

Oh, happy, mellow Jazz is kind of a fun read, too, even though I like your bitchy posts, as well.

Sounds loverly, the whole vacation. Did you carry back any wine in your suitcases?

paula said...

You can still detect the acerbic, bitchy jazz in your more 'upbeat' posts. Can't take that outta the girl, it seems. : ) Your vacation--both parts--sounded lovely and refreshing!

Jazz said...

Jocelyn - No wine. Since you can't bring it on board anymore it's just not that great. Storing good wine in a suitcase that will be in a cargo hold at 30 below 0...well it's not too great for the wine. Plenty of foie gras, vodka and gin though...

Paula - lovely and refreshing indeed. My pants are tight and my liver is crying out for mercy. But it was fun while it lasted.

ticknart said...

Welcome back!

And "Despite rumours and clichés, all the Parisians (including waiters) I met were very nice. Same as every time I’ve been to Paris. Maybe I’m the lucky one."

Maybe it's because you speak French? Just a thought.

Jazz said...

Ticknart - Truthfully, I'm not sure they think my version of the language is actually French. But yeah, I think Quebecers have a certain exotic-but-cute-little-cousins aura about us. Or else it's just my immeasurable charm.

Dan said...

Jazz, welcome back! Sounds like you had a pretty damned terrific time. I hate you!!

I love Paris, the City of Lights. But, like you, I probably wouldn't want to live there either.

Big Brother said...

Hey lil sister glad you made it back. About the waiters and Parisians in general, strange I also found them to be nice. In fact I have yet to meet nasty people whilst wandering around the world. Must run in the family, we're so cute and cuddly I guess. Nyaaaah""" can't be.

Hageltoast said...

yay!! you're back!! I sympathise, my mellow holiday mood is rapidly dissapating!
Glad Marillion were great for you, next time you do the Europe thing, i expect a visit!

Anonymous said...

it's okay you don't want to live in Paris cause that means MORE APARTMENTS for me to choose from!!


So glad you had such a fabulous vacation--- yummmmmEEE!


Jazz said...

Dan - I hate you too, luv.

BB - Cute and cuddly? Um, no.

Toastie - How 'bout we go to the next Marillion weekend to be held in England?

BP - I'd trade a Paris appartment for Soliden (and H, D and O) any day!

Ian Lidster said...

Great to see you back. Have missed your musings. And no, you don't want to be Paris H. Anyway, she's going to the slammer. I agree with you completely about Brussels vs Paris for livability. I loved Brussels when we were there in the fall. Otherwise, take time to defuse. We still haven't after our autumn sojourn and still want to hit the road again.

ps: T took my laptop with me so I didn't have to face a $%#@* French keyboard.