Friday, December 04, 2009

Today's What the F**k Moment

Cause I guess I shouldn't say fuck in a title, right?

Moving on (I'm digressing before even getting started; can you actually do that?)

Today's WTF moment is brought to you by Tiger Woods (damn but nicknames like Tiger annoy me - course if my name was Eldrick, I might go by some stupid nickname too - again with the digression!)

Ok, so the guy, was cheating on his wife it seems - oh lord almighty! The! Horror!!!!

Um... so what? Tiger is the first person to cheat on his/her spouse, perhaps?

Headlines like this: Tiger Woods scandal - Woods in intense marriage counseling are just waaaaay too much information - and none of anyone's business.

Why is this news on all the "serious" media from the CBC to the Washington Post rather than on Entertainment Tonight? This isn't news, this is something between him and his wife.

What's the fascination? Fer chrissake, the guy's famous for playing a sport where the point is whacking a tiny ball for miles and wearing ugly pants (unless they're over the ugly pants thing?) to great monetary advantage.

Why is this news? and more to the point, why does anyone care how he lives his private life? The operative word here being PRIVATE.

I know some will argue that actually he's a public figure, thus so is his life. That's bullshit. I don't care how public you are, you're still entitled to a private life, no matter who you're with in your car.

Why do people rejoice so much in the "downfall" of public figures - remember Clinton and all those other politicians? And have you ever noticed that it's almost always about sex? Why do people get so damn het up about sex?

Just a thought in passing, and moving away from Woods for a bit, I can't help but think many politicians have much worse stuff going on than sex scandals, things involving corruption and bribes and such. Things that should concern us as citizens, but nope, it's the guy who dips his wick in the wrong vat of wax who makes the front page. Maybe if people weren't so busy sniffing out sex "scandals" they'd sniff out the important stuff.


Dumdad said...

I think the fascination in the Tiger affair is because, obviously, he's the most famous sportsman in the world and also because of the weirdness of what happened. The car crashing into a hydrant and a tree outside his house; him being unconscious by car; his wife saying she went to his rescue by smashing TWO windows with a golf club (nice touch that); then suddenly all these women claiming he's had sex with them .... and the story continues.

He has a right to privacy but he's the one who has opened the door to his own home, so to speak.

Who's next? Roger Federer?

rachel said...

This is why I hate entertainment culture; too obsessed with things that aren't our business, and really, aren't that interesting anyway!

Jeaux said...

I think it’s called a ‘pregression’.

Anonymous said...

It's probably all a publicity stunt since he can't play golf so good no more. Ha!

I agree. I'm not understanding any of this. Did they actually say the wife will get $65 million if she stays in the marriage 2 more years? What the hell is that? Have we all lost our collective mind?

(my word verification is beturd)

Jazz said...

Dumdad - who's next? Do we really care?

Rachel - Amen

Jeaux - I like that

XUP - quite fitting as word verification dontcha think?

Guillaume said...

it is indeed a private matter. We should ask him to hit a gofl ball, not be a faithful husband. He could be a secret gay polyandrist and it would not matter more.

VioletSky said...

I wasn't going to read this because I am now in a Tiger-free zone....

but I agree, really is it only the media who care so much? do they really have no other investigative journalism left?

Jeaux said...

The end is near.

geewits said...

It's because he always DID manage to keep his private life private and presented to the world a lovely facade of "happy family man." The real question is why do these super rich, super famous dudes that want to hit anything with a nice ass even bother to get married? Go George Clooney!

Hagelrat said...

i'm with you on this, do not have the least interest n the marriages, affairs and one night stands of the rich and famous. Or anyone I don't personally know.

secret agent woman said...

I'm so so so tired of celebrities personal lives being considered "news."

Jocelyn said...

I know this probably doesn't apply to Tiger and his marriage, but I do wish the media would also concede that "monogomy" isn't a universal value and that a fair number of married couples (no, not me) do have marriages that allow for the possibility that one person isn't the answer forever. Okay, I've been listening to my favorite "sex advice" podcast too much lately, it would seem. But I do like that it reminds me that everyone gets to set his/her own parameters and not everyone has to live by the same values.

Jocelyn said...

The quick jump to moral judgement also is so Christian-values-based...I mean, has anyone considered the (admittedly small) chance that he and his wife have an agreement? That his doing whatever he's done is part of a discussion they've had?

Jazz said...

Guillaume - Indeed.

VS - I guess not. Iraq, Afganistan, etc. etc. are so much more boring...

Jeaux - heh heh...

Geewits - Maybe he didn't start out that way, but it was just too damn easy. There always has been and always will be people who are willing to bof the rich and famous just because they're rich and famous. And lots of rich and famous to make the most of it.

Hagel - of course those we personally know.... ;-)

SAW - Amen!

Joce - I'll bet you didn't remember you'd commented when you commented the second time... ;-)