Thursday, April 20, 2006

Struttin' my stuff

Coming back from lunch today I was walking along, minding my own business, thrilled at the sunshine and heat that have finally hit Montreal, when I hear, “Madame, Madame.”

I stopped and this guy, actually not a bad looking guy, French (from la belle France from his obvious accent ), mid to late 30s said to me*: “I’m doing a survey, may I ask you a couple of questions?”

“Of course”, I answered, though I did notice he had no clipboard of questions or anything, but good mood, sunshine, heat and all made me uncharacteristically non-snarky, dontcha know.

Said the gentleman, “I’m doing a survey on the most beautiful women in Montreal, and you are obviously way up there, I’d like to get to know you”.

Now had I been myself (i.e., without the benefit of the sunshine and heat which sorta screws up my reflexes because it’s so new), I would no doubt have had a whip quick comeback (or, more likely, I would’ve had it later on, while brushing my teeth like I usually do, but hope springs eternal, so actually, truth be told, I'd probably have ended up staring at him with my mouth open going duh, which would have sent him packing in a hurry), but as it is I simply laughed and said, “Well thanks, that's flattering, but no thanks. Besides, I’m on my way back to work and I’m sort of in a hurry” (all the while thinking, "Well, well, not bad looking Frenchman, at least you’re original, how many people have you tried that line on today?")

He replied that it wasn't a problem, that we could make an appointment and get to know each other – as friends of course. To which the Jazzer replied, “Oh, that’s great, Mr. Jazz loves new friends.”

He smiled and said goodbye. Had I been single, I probably would’ve given the guy half a chance. As it is, I walked back to work with my head held a little higher and a bit of a strut in my walk. Hey, you take it where you can get it; at my age, these types of incidents are very few and far between. Mr. Jazz thinks I’m the cat’s meow, but when it’s a complete stranger... well it’s nice, maybe because it’s the type of thing that doesn’t happen to me.

* I give to you here the benefit of my outstanding translation skills…


Foxtrot said...

You go girl! I'm proud of ya, I think you handled it pretty darn well... :)

ps: I liked the french version better too but I guess it's hard to reach the world with just french ;)

Hageltoast said...

Love this stuff.

Big Brother said...

Got to admit the guys got two inches of cheek all over... wonder how often it works? I must admit that your answer was well timed, you usually aren't as quick ;o)