Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tempest in a Quebec Teapot

The Quebec political scene has been all aflutter these past few days.

Michel Tremblay, Quebec’s playwright extraordiary (he IS very very good) and long time separatist has come out and said that, well, separatism? Not so much anymore. He has (gasp!) changed his mind.

A separatist ex-premier of Quebec (Bernard Landry) came out and said that he would no longer buy anything authored by Tremblay or see any more of his plays.
Another playwright (Victor-Lévy Beaulieu) came out and called him an asshole.

And it goes on.

Personally, I say Kudos Mr. Tremblay for having the guts to say what you really think, knowing the backlash you’d face.

What I find most amusing (and scary), is that these are the people who want to make Quebec a country. Seems very, “we love you as long as you think exactly like we do” as attitudes go.

Really looking tolerant as future countries go, isn’t it?

Gotta love Quebec. *le sigh*

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Big Brother said...

So right, never trust anyone who believes they have the absolute truth, be they in a religion or a political party. Hum come to think of it I guess it's pretty much the same thing... doctrine... as in indoctrinated. Frightening isn't it?