Thursday, November 23, 2006

The ubiquitous Thanksgiving post (and I ain't even in the US!)

It’s Turkey day in the US. Day of canned cranberry jelly wobbling in a plate (God, I hate that stuff. Much as I like cranberries, I can hardly force myself to eat that goo, especially when it’s sitting there with the can still imprinted on it. – insert dramatic shudder here – Actually I’m not big on aspics or Jell-o in general).

Our Thanksgiving was long ago, the second weekend in October, and it’s never as big a thing as in the US, well in Quebec at least, I don’t know about the rest of Canada.
The big thing for typtophanatics in Quebec is Christmas. Same meal: turkey, stuffing, cranberry goo. Throw in a ham, change around the desserts and you have the same food coma except there’s a tree in the living room and no football to watch.

But at least the holiday madness starts a bit later. Thankfully. I’m very much the Scrooge sort when it comes to the hols. If I could simply disappear as soon as they start, I’d be a happy, or at any rate happier, person. It’s the cynic in me. It seems the older I get, the more annoying the whole thing becomes.

Where did the magic go?

I guess growing up and having to provide the damn magic yourself makes it that much less magical.

I’m going nowhere with this, right?

For the record, I hate Thanksgiving. Blogs are there for my entertainment. A good portion of those I read are American. The American blogosphere is in a food coma today, so I am sorely lacking in entertainment.

Y’all better have horrible tales of Thanksgiving madness for me in the days to come or I will be very very angry.


Anna said...

Here you go, Jazz - some non-American, non-Thanksgiving entertainment from this side of the pond... I totally agree on the magic front - it's bound to disappear when YOU have to be the magician - or the one to pull off a bumper feast on a very limited budget!!
But to much more important stuff - don't you love those 'funny' moments when you see something and make a connection with it (like you and the inks in the shop) and you don't know why you should notice them now when you never have before... how I adore synchronicity!! If we ever doubted before we're all interconnected - the good ole www soon made it clear :o) (Although I've always believed that whole butterfly in the Amazon starting a sandstorm in the Gobi desert thing...)
I say, go get those inks, girl - and PLAY!!! Much more inspiring than wobbly cranberry jelly! Like you, I dislike all jellies and aspics - w-e-i-r-d substances - oooh, makes me shudder just thnking about them!

Big Brother said...
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Big Brother said...

Oops deleted by trailand error. You can delete a comment but the trace stays forever. The first comment was just to say..."BAH HUMBUG!!!" How right you are.

Big Brother said...

*trial and error* I'll get it right sooner or later.

Hageltoast said...

Dont have to worry about thanksgiving over here, but i did suffer from blog drought yeasterday a lot of people didn't post and of those who did they seem to be thanksgiving posts.
I love Christmas, seems magic to me!

Steven Novak said...

I'll have no tales of Thanksgiving madness..sorry...mine was uneventful. Sat around all say watching Seinfeld on DVD and looking at Kramer in a whole new way. ;)


Jazz said...

Anna - yeah, syncronicity is cool.

BB - geez, and you're accusing ME of having Alzheimers?

Toast - and there's more of it today, they're all busy shopping. By the millions they're shopping.

Steve - except you, I don't imagine you spend your day in the malls on Black Friday... And for the record, Seinfeld seems like a damn good way to spend Thanksgiving.

Jocelyn said...

It's reassuring to know others don't get all "jazzed" up about the holidays, either. Having kids gets me through Christmas, but nothing has ever gotten me hepped up about Thanksgiving. Wait, okay, I lied. I think a big dollop of whipped cream on a spoon once did. A really, really big dollop. But I didn't want it on the pie, even. Just the dollop. And then more.

slaghammer said...

For me, there is nothing more satisfying than the hiss and slurp of canned cranberry jelly as it slides free of the can. It must be served intact though. Mushing it up totally destroys the mystique.

Jazz said...

Jocelyn - Yeah, whipped cream might just do it for me too.

Slag - *shudder* "the hiss and slurp" That's it. Exactly. *re-shudder*