Thursday, November 02, 2006

This and that

Seen in the window of a pet store: *Brand Name*: A healthy dessert for your dog.

What the fuck is that? We’re talking about dogs here. Those animals, which, in the wild, hunt and kill their own food. And eat it raw. And probably sometimes not quite dead when they start on it. These are the animals you want to feed a “healthy dessert” to?

Newsflash. They’re dogs, they don’t need dessert. They’re happy to eat raw bloody meat. Dessert isn’t even on their radar. People, they’re dogs* not people.

For that matter people don’t need dessert either. But that’s a whole other thing.

And healthy dessert? Doesn’t that sort of, I don’t know, negate the whole point of dessert?

Whole other topic: (I really need to find an elegant way to segue into new topics...)

If Mr. Jazz weren’t around to organize my social life, I’d be a hermit. Living deep in a dark, dank cave. Thank god for his social butterfly tendencies.

* No, I don't hate dogs, I love 'em. As well as cats and bunnies and other assorted non human life forms. Actually I probably like 'em much more than human life forms.


choochoo said...

Not to mention those dogs (such as mine) who like to eat little dead, putrid things that they find in the woods...

Anonymous said...

HENRY says to the dog food idiot marketers: HA. I spit on your healthy desserts, cretins!


Hageltoast said...

Face it, dogs will eat horse poo, they are not gormet's. ah but it panders to the "mothers" of all the Tricky Woo's out there (Have you read the James Herriot books?)

Em said...

When my kids wonder about the dog food, I simply remind them....the dog drinks out of the toilet so just how tasty does this have to be?!?!

Jazz said...

Choo - I'm beginning to understand why I don't have dogs.

Blue - Henry knows his desserts.

Toast - Horse poo? Ewwwww (hey, I rhyme!)

Em - again, I'm understanding more and more why I have no dogs! Sheesh...

(Ni)mo.Ni said...

YAY! i've found ppl who agree with me on this--finally ppl who don't think it's "cute"..