Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I’m sick of sex. Wait, let me rephrase that… I’m sick of the “sexification” of our society.

I’m sick of 12 year olds dressed like hookers.

I’m sick of underboobage. Seriously, what the fuck is up with that? Tops so high the bottom of your boobs show? Why? What’s the point.

I’m sick of looking at girls in low rise jeans so low pubic hair is not an option. At all. And I’m sick of seeing their butt cracks when I’m walking behind them.

I’m sick of hearing about 10 year olds giving blow jobs to boys hardly older than themselves.

I’m sick of billboards with practically naked nubile teenage girls selling everything from hacksaws to winter coats.

I’m sick that society is seemingly geared to making testosterone laden sixteen year olds come in their pants.

Whatever happened to sex appeal? You know, sexy without necessarily flaunting it all, sexy without butt cracks, sexy with, oh, I dunno, a bit of mystery? A bit of “what’s hiding behind there”? Sexy with allure…

There’s nothing erotic about what we’re seeing. Porn chic is just as tiresome as heroine chic was when all the models looked half dead on their feet. ‘Course they still do, but that’s besides the point.

There is nothing chic about porn. Watching porn can be fun between consenting adults, but google Christina Aguillera or Britney Spears and lots of their official photos look like shots from a porn site. Not so much porn chic as skank chic.

Paris Hilton and the latest Vogue cover? Not so much.

Britney Spears and Christina Aguillera with their boobs barely, if at all contained? Not so much either. I mean, c'mon, can you look at the skirt and tell me, seriously that this look is sexy?

It seems to me that if it’s all you see, sex becomes much less, erotic, less titillating, less interesting even. I can’t imagine growing up in such an atmosphere.

I’m really showing my age here, aren’t i?

I’m not advocating going back to a time before pre-marital sex, or back room abortions, a time where sex was a bad thing and had to be hidden away all the time. It just seems to me that it would be refreshing to actually have some of its skankier manifestations under wraps. Add back a bit of mystery.

But what do I know, I’m not 20 anymore…


choochoo said...

Me too. Completely and utterly. Enough said.

Hageltoast said...

couldn't agree more!!!
luv you Jazzer

Jocelyn said...

I'm nodding really hard at my monitor as I read this, Ms. Jazz. Interestingly, my college students (ranging in age from 16-60) agree, at least superficially, with your points. Whenever we're coming up with topics for their persuasive papers, I suggest "Young girls shouldn't dress like 'hos." Everyone loves that idea, even the girls whose thongs I can see from the front of the room. Curious, that.

Jazz said...

Hey All, so seems the whole bloody world agrees with this.

So why are they still dressed like hos?

Why are the Britney's of this world such a huge hit?

Where did the Audrey Hepburns and Marilyn Monroes of this world go?

And for the record, I think I shoulldn't have to do word verification to post in my own comments since I can never get it right the first time.

Jill said...

Amen sister! I know I'm showing my age, but I don't even try to shop in stores like the Gap or the Limited anymore, places that were staples in my wardrobe a decade ago, because I refuse to dress like a 14-year-old street walker. And I'm totally sick of seeing everyone's underwear. It's UNDERwear!

paula said...

Nah, you're on target, Jazz. When I got off the plane here in Texas, the first thing my family told me was how they (and everbody else in the airport) were agast at just seeing a woman in the departure lines dressed like a...skank, I guess. Said everybody was staring and gawking. Don't these people realize how bad they look, that people are pointing and laughing at them? But I think there's a message being hawked (Yes, YOU, MTV!) that this is the way to dress and act. How can these kids viewing images like this NOT think that's the case? They're not picking this up on their own. Appreciate (and agree with) your rant.

Jazz said...

Jill - I never shop at all the stores that used to be my favourites either, and finding clothes that acually fit is a feat akin to finding a non-doped up Tour de France rider.It sucks.

Paula - I guess it's so pervasive that kids can't see any other way. Some days I thank the powers that be that I'm not a mother. It would scare the hell outta me.

Anonymous said...

we old classy ladies can sit together and shake our heads at it all--- if it means I'm old, if it means I'm not cool-- well then I'm old and uncool cause the culture of sexification BLOWS---

HAAAaaaaate it. Long for a return to genuine good taste-- which, by definition is discreet.

all of which is to say AMEN, sister