Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just sayin'

Technology adds nothing to art. Two thousand years ago, I could tell you a story, and at any point during the story I could stop, and ask, Now do you want the hero to be kidnapped, or not? But that would, of course, have ruined the story. Part of the experience of being entertained is sitting back and plugging into someone else's vision.

Penn Jillette,
Interview in WIRED magazine, 1993
US magician & showman (1955 - )


And this little You Tube gem. I really have to figure out how to actually post a video. But I'm too lazy. If anyone feels like teaching me in however many easy steps, feel free. Either comment, or if it's too long, email me.

Edited to add: Thanks Too Lively! I will go to bed tonight, if not a little more intelligent at least a little less dumb.


Malnurtured Snay said...

cut and paste the "embed" code.

Evil Spock said...

I loved Zork and other Choose your own adventure books as a child, so it wouldn't ruin it for me. I miss Wizards and Warriors . . .

Jazz said...

Snay - I tried that. Blogger tells me I have a broken link or some such crap.

Evil Spock - Well, of course. You're different and all.

Too_Lively said...

I don't know why YouTube and Blogger do not want to mix. I think it is racism.

To post a vid, I have to copy and paste the embed code into Word and then copy and paste it into Blogger. I am not sure why this works, but it always does for me.

Ian Lidster said...

I loved the vid. Thank you.


Jazz said...

Too lively - I hereby venerate the ground you walk on, oh saviour of the Jazz.

Ian - Yer most welcome

Dan said...

Jazz, you mean you want to post one of your own videos? I find uplodaing it to YouTube is very easy.

If you have any specific questions, e-mail me.

Jocelyn said...

I think technology has made artistic expression more available to linear thinkers. I look at my father-in-law, a math major and architect, and see how gorgeous his digital photography is--everything crisp and clear in a way my circular brain wouldn't see.