Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Today is Mr. Jazz's birthday

So here are 10 of the multitude of reasons I love him....

  1. He makes me laugh every day
  2. He's a wonderfully kind man, to humans and animals alike
  3. He cooks for me - last night's enchiladas? Di-freaking-vine!
  4. He's great in bed (Caro, if you're reading this, i did not say sex, I know we're too old for that... he's great at.... um.... lying down in a bed)
  5. He's a 24 junkie too
  6. He tolerates my bad moods - maybe not with a smile, but still, with extreme tolerance
  7. He gives me my space and the time alone I need
  8. He taught me how to travel
  9. He makes a kick-ass Margarita and Cosmo
  10. He loves me and accepts me just the way I am.

I love you Sweets, you're my one and only.

Disclaimer: mushiness was induced by early morning posting. It will stay as rare as "de la merde de pape" (a common French expression translating as Rare as pope shit). No mushiness habit will take hold in the Haphazard Life blog.


Too_Lively said...

Happy B-Day, Mr. Jazz!

Foxtrot said...

Awww.... I got all mushy myself. Bon Anniversaire Monsieur Jazz! J'en veux des cadeaux! des pop tarts!

Love ya to bits :)

Neil said...

Happy Birthday. Although Ms. Jazz only listed ten items, I'm sure she has hundreds of other reasons why you are so wonderful.

Lhianon said...



With Love,
The Glitter Queen

Anonymous said...

When you've got a guy as great as Mr. Jazz, mushiness is de rigeur!

Happy Birthday!!


Tai said...

Way to be a great guy...happy Birthday!

bardouble29 said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Jazz.

Ya know its ok to be mushy once in a while...just don't let it happen to often. lol

Ian Lidster said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Jazz. He beats me by a day, since mine is tomorrow. Very nice piece on him, too.


Big Brother said...

Happy B'day to Mr. Jazz cuz he's a great brother-in-law. Who else could put up with my lil' sister with a smile and a joke?
Seriously, he's really good for you lil'sister (as I was saying to Mrs. BB on the weekend), you really did well in snatching him from the availability pool of people of the male persuasion.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your kind wishes.

Particulièrement à Foxtrot et BB.

BB: I think I struck Gold for falling into such a great and loving Belle-Famille.

Love & Hugs to all ;-)))

Mr. Jazz

Anonymous said...

Fis Fonne Fête Fherawmi.
Madame Plume xoxox

Hageltoast said...

happy birthday Mr Jazz.
(I know i'm late sorry)

Jazzy, mushiness is totally acceptable...about once a year (I now, this from the queen of mush)

Jill said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Jazz!

Jazz said...

Thanks all for your kind comments. Y'all rock!

Steven Novak said...

Great at lying down in bed!!!



somewhere joe said...

After reading that list, I'm thinking of marrying him...

choochoo said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaw. And might I add: eeeeeeew:P

And happy b day Mr. Jazz *wave*

Caro said...

Jazz... thanks for clarifying that! Seriously, I was scared there for a moment thinking that "old people" could have sex! I am not looking forward to be "old"... lying in bed: BORING! (dad, please don't have a heart attack!) Happy birthday to Mr. Jazz! I hope it will be same for BB's son in law and me as we get older!