Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dumb things

I saw another teenager today wearing ballet flats and no socks. On the street. In February. In Montreal. It seems to be some sort of a trend, I've been seeing this regularly. It's 10 freaking degrees below zero! Idjit girls. To think I was once a teenage girl. The mind boggles.

As much as cell phone people annoy me, I think the iPod people are worse. With their headphones on. Singing at the top of their lungs. For some reason it seems like the only ones singing out loud are the ones who really really shoudn't. The once who have no voice, never had had any voice and are just a blight on the urban soundscape. Sometimes I just feel like slapping them.


There's a whole sneeze into your sleeve movement going on right now. Did I ever mention that? Might be. Anyway, so the point is, when in public you should sneeze into your sleeve because that way you don't contaminate your hand with germs and slather them all over subway and bus poles or door handles etc. Sorry, but the whole idea is a bit nasty to me. What if it's one of those sneezes that disloges copious amounts of mucus? On your sleeve. For the world to see. At least you can wipe your hand with a kleenex. Or hey, why not sneeze directly into the kleenex. There's a thought. Why has nobody thought of that particular brilliant idea?


And speaking of Kleenex. I saw an ad recently for - get this - antiviral kleenex. After years of useless antibacterial everything from soap to Febreeze, now you have kleenex that will kill your germs. How stupid is that?

First you had hankies, then kleenex, then 3-ply man kleenex, then kleenex with lotion (by the way, never clean your glasses with those - makes a nasty mess), and now bug killing kleenex. Can't help but wonder what the next generation of snot picker upper will offer.


Ian Lidster said...

And Superbugs in hospitals are directly attributed to our excessive obsessions with killing every bacterial cell on the planet. No wonder modern kids are allergic to damn near everything -- they never come near good old dirt.
Sneezing in your sleeve, eh? No thank you.

Tai said...
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Tai said...

I was going to say what Ian said!
(No suprise though...great minds think alike!)

But as for sleeve sneezing? I don't think it's such a bad idea! Have you ever wondered just before shaking someone's hand if they've just sneezed into it?

Jazz said...

Ian - How true. Apparently when the wall came down, they noticed that East Berlin kids had less asthma than West Berlin kids, despite all the filth and pollution... go figure.

Tai - Actually, I try not to wonder. And I refuse to sneeze in my sleeve... LOL

ticknart said...

One thing that's better about annoying iPod people than annoying cell phone people is that the iPod people won't interrupt a conversation with you by putting on their headphones and singing out loud, but the cell phone people tend to think any call coming in on their phone is more important than what they're actually doing.

Big Brother said...

Amen to Ian's comment I see allergies at school all the time, there is something to be said for getting down and dirty... Those of us who are old enough to remember playing outside, in the dirt, from sunrise to sunset, have an immune system that is at least attacking the right bugs. I haven't had the flu in ages. *knock on wood*
Don't teens just love to suffer to have a "cool" look. Well, ballet slippers in February in -10 degree weather is just about as cool if not to say cold as it gets. I always laugh from the depths of my nice warm coat, gloves and boots. ;o)