Monday, September 14, 2009

Ze links

Last week, at Jocelyn's request, I posted the story of my beginnings with Mr. Jazz . In the comments, Ian noted that it would be fun to ask for people's stories. We did and as promised I've linked to them below. If you posted and I forgot you, please let me know and I'll add a link to your story.

You'll find BB's story here

Ian's is here

Here is Jeaux's

Pouty Lips wrote about it here

Geewits did it a while back, years actually, this is hers

And here is Birdies story, via Jeaux

And Birdie just pointed out that Big Island Jeep Guy also played. How cool, I didn't even know this blog existed until now...

A couple were posted directly in the comments:

Expat from Hell

Standing in the middle of the gymnasium floor, a mutual friend introduces me to a girl from Texas (a novelty in Southern California). "What do you have there?", he asks. "Waah, theez are maah tennis shoooz", she replies in that drawn out Southern slang. I was smitten on the spot - forever. I remain so 35 years later.


I discovered he was married. That was a helluva turn-off. Never been quite that turned off in my whole, entire life, really.


Birdie said...

But wait! There's more! BigIslandJeepGuy picked up the baton and ran.

Jazz said...

Birdie - thanks! I've linked it into the body of the post.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Jazz - thanks for all the links to these interesting stories!

rachel said...

Excellent collection of links!

I would have played to, but...I have no SigOth, so.

XUP said...

Me either Rachel. Let's do a story about how we met in the comments section of Jazz's blog!

mrwriteon said...

Thanks for the links, sweetie. So happy that a number of people bit and shared their romantic tales.

geewits said...

That was a fun read. Thanks for the links.

Jeaux said...

I enjoyed all of them.

Jocelyn said...

Crikey, but I want more from Choochoo now. Like crazy.

I remain lame. However, I've had 5hours of sleep each night the last week, so I've decided I have to get at least 7 one time before I have the fortitude to sit and type and not fall asleep at the keyboard. But I'm excited--thanks to you--to remember meeting my Groom.

Pouty Lips said...

I'm going to read all of these and comment, one-by-one. This was great fun!