Friday, September 25, 2009

Inane conversation OR I'd do well on Twitter

You don't necessarily realize how bizarre a conversation is until you have it on IM. And it's saved. And you can read it again.

She - Patience, grasshopper

Me - Why grasshopper?

She - Why not? "patience, seaweed!" doesn't make any sense

Me - Well all things considered, nor does grasshopper

She - Makes more sense than monkey

Me - How so? It seems a monkey would be much more prone to impatience.

She - Alright, alright. Patience, monkey. Even better - patience, monkeyhopper!

Me - Monkeyhopper?

She - Mhm. I used both, see. Cause monkeys hop

Me - Patience, monkey.... patience, grasshopper. Grasshopper sounds better. Besides monkeys don't hop. They scamper.

She - Grassmonkey? Patience, grassmonkey.

Me - Crows hop. On the ground.

She - Grass-scamper. that's hard to fit into one word. Cause you need to use a - or say grasscamper, in which case it sounds like grass camper, which is just silly

So many of my conversations seem to end up sounding this way. Is this my conversational norm?

It's a scary thought.

Edit: I forgot to add that "she" is the infamous Choochoo


Gaelyn said...

Ah, have patience. It looks like an oriental grasshopper. Maybe a guru.

Chatting with an old friend is just like that.

Mr. Jazz said...

What about the Gronkey? Ancestor of the notorious Kwyjibo, "a big, dumb, balding North American ape, with no chin...and a short temper"

Maviopog said...

Naaaaaa!... your conversation is per-fect-ly normal !!!
... well, most of the time !!! LOL

rachel said...

However your convos are, don't stop because that was funny as all hell. :)

Anonymous said...

And still it was recyclable as a blog post...

Suldog said...


(Sorry. Any time I hear that. it triggers a 'Cheers' flashback.)

secret agent woman said...

Any conversation that makes for good blog fodder is worth having.

choochoo said...

Looks perfectly normal to me.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Alrighty then. How about ChooJazz?
But then again maybe she doesn't taste so good.

Susan Tuttle said...

you are such a hoot!:)

geewits said...

I guess you didn't know it was just a regular phrase from the old TV show "Kung Fu." A grasshopper is an apprentice and apprentices seem to be rather impatient. Thankfully you didn't know that and we got to see a goofy conversation, seaweed.

Dumdad said...

I too immediately thought you were about to embark on a post about Kung Fu; a "take the pebble from my hand" moment. Perhaps take the grass-scamper from my hand?

Pouty Lips said...

Grasshopper, there is wisdom in all traditions, every ritual, including inane conversations.

Jazz said...

Gaelyn - An oriental grasshopper...

Mr. Jazz - Simpsons??

Maviopog - you should know.

Rachel - glad you liked.

XUP - I'm a big fan of recycling.

Suldog - where everybody knows your naaaame...

SAW - this is true.

Choochoo - it would

Bonnie - Choojazz... hmmm

Susan - thank you!

Geewits - I had no clue. I love how you know everything.

Dumdad - Am I the only one who didn't know this?

Pouty - Amen.

alison said...

I've had email chains with my friend/co-worker (and you need that hyphen or it looks like 'cow orker' which is just wrong) that were as silly and funny as that. And I've kept some. Never thought of them for blog fodder. Good idea!

lime said...

ya know, some of our dinner table conversations are very bit aas weird and they aren't typed out.