Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ian, this one's for you!!!

Brought to you by LIFE:

When Flying was fun - Those were the days!


Mr. Jazz said...

As a young kid, I remember going out to the airport to watch planes land & take off and feed them the occasional bread crumbs. There was actually an outside terrasse where you could get really close to the action. Those were the days indeed.

Jocelyn said...

I totally remember flying on a plane to Europe in the '80s that had one of those twisting staircases. Damn.

Dumdad said...

What a way to fly especially as in Hot On The Job. Those were the days indeed even if they were before my time really....

Word veri: waspa

Sort of still with the flying theme!

secret agent woman said...

I remember flying being better than it is now, for suer Although I'm not certain how peachy it was for the stewardesses who were required to work in heels!

Jazz said...

Mr. Jazz - where they whole wheat crumbs at least?

Jocelyn - I don't remember the staircase ones at all. Much less with a lounge. How cool would it be if we could still have a martin in a cocktail glass on a plane.

DD - same theme, much slower

SAW - I don't think it has ever been peachy for the stewardesses... ooops flight attendants.