Thursday, January 21, 2010

Move over Shakespeare!

Can't think
Brain numb
Inspiration won't come

Weather's bleah
All grey
Need some sun to want to play

Job's crap
What's my goal
Seems I'm stuck in a deep dark hole

Family, well
That's OK
Something at least is goin' my way

Can't think
Brain dead
Inanity trundles through my head

* I can't help but find it somewhat creepy how Will's head somehow seems to not be attached to his body, like it's been lopped off and then balanced on his collar...


Big Brother said...

Might I suggest lil sister to not quite your day job to become a poet... the sentiments I can relate to bu the rhyme scheme just doesn't cut it and if you want to emulate Willy you should have written it in Iambic pentameter.

Mr. Jazz said...

By Jove: you're a poet and you don't even know it.

geewits said...

Great poem, but don't lose your head.

secret agent woman said...

You are without inspiration and yet you are writing poetry?

That drawing of Shakespeare reminded me of Nearly Headless Nick on Harry Potter.

Rachel said...

Even though ol' Willy mußt be spinning in his grave, I thought it was quite amusing!


Mary G said...

Cripes! You were writing about me? My brain's so soggy I can't even finish the crossword.

Ev said...

Blech! Thanks for ruining the Shakespeare picture for me. Not that he was much of a hottie back when I thought his head was attached, mind you.

Dumdad said...

A new Bard is born!

Jazz said...

BB - that's what insomnia gets you. These days I always spend lots of time awake - but not functional by any stretch of the imagination. And I omitted the stanza on sleeplessness: Can,t sleep, wide awake.... Are you thrilled I don't think I'm a poet?

Mr Jazz - Thankfully I don't know about my poetic-icity...

Geewits - LOL let's just say I don't intend to quit my day job.

SAW - Calling it poetry is stretching it. Far. Maybe this drawing was the inspiration for Nick.

Rachel - glad to amuse

Mary - Gotta love winter

Ev - it's totally freakish isn't it?

DD - Hopefully not!

Lhia said...

I see this on an art journal page !!

Gaelyn said...

Great little poem for a gray day mood. Will's head looks like it was pasted onto his body. I know that feeling sometimes.

Jocelyn said...

So you need a change? Like coming to live in Duluth while nice Duluthians live in your place?

Kidding. I wouldn't want to hit Montreal ever w/o you being there.

Sorry for the blahs. Could you drink more?

Eternally Distracted said...

Nice poem and have to agree with you on the photo!

Warty Mammal said...

Awesome! It's kind of like an extended haiku with angst!

XUP said...

It's a fine poem. These ruff collars were first added to the Elizabethan's wardrobe as a way of keeping their clothing clean from all the hair crap they used, lye-based face powders (which was very damaging to fabric) and food bits falling down when they ate.

Ian Lidster said...

Fine bit of versification, dear, even if you do feel your brain is dead.

tattytiara said...

Okay that was too catchy - dangerously close to ear worm territory.

Jeaux said...

A masterpiece of wistful despair! I too have noticed that inanity tends to trundle.

That collar looks as though it could slice off a head. Will's noggin is probably kept in place with laundry starch.

Jazz said...

Lhia - feel free to use it

Gaelyn - LOL

Joce - I can always drink more. Come to Montreal. Y'all have French AND winter sports!

ED - Actually it's really bad poetry


Omniscient XUP - those ruffs must've been repulsive

Ian - My brain is not only dead, it's run away with my get up and go. They've gotten up and gone.

TT - I know, annoying isn't it?

Jeaux - it is a nasty looking collar isn't it?

alison said...

I can't see the pic, but I think the poem's fine. And I think those ruffs were just the Elizabethan fore-runners of the U-shaped airplane pillows that you see people wearing on long trips so that they can nap sitting up. I bet ol' Will used to nap sitting at his desk when he got tired.

Suldog said...

Green frog
Good words
Brought the joy to blogging nerds!

lime said...

you know, i am glad i'm not the only one who thinks shakespeare looks decapitated here.