Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Logistics, Logistics, Logistics


Over the past few weeks, Mr. Jazz and I have become hooked on the series everyone is talking about, Mad Men. Or maybe it's the series everyone was talking about because though we're well into the first season, apparently this series has been around for three seasons already. We can be a bit slow on the uptake Mr. Jazz and I.

It's a great series, about advertising executives on Madison (Mad) Avenue during the early sixties. Ah the sixties, such a wholesome era it was!

OK, screeching halt here. Lets just say the series shows pretty well that people will be people whatever era they live in.

So anyway, no major spoiler here - one of the characters is cheating on his wife (oh la la!!, who knew Tiger and Clinton weren't the first?)

And while watching the show I pointed out to Mr. Jazz that hey, isn't it bizarre. The ubiquitous cell phone is nowhere to be seen!

Which in turn brought out the observation: I wonder if it wasn't easier to cheat on your spouse in those days than it is today. Logisitcally speaking of course.

Obviously, if you want to be cheatin' nothing's going to stop you. But does all the technology we have to "simplify" our lives help at all?

On the one hand, back in the dark ages you could phone home and simply say "I'm dining with a client" and you were incommunicado from then on.

On the other hand, cell phones are very useful contact the "partner in crime"

On the other hand (yes! didn't you know I have hands sprouting all over my body, a regular octopus I am), if you don't answer said cell when the spouse calls because you happen to be doing the horizontal boogie with said partner in crime, questions will be raised.

On yet another hand - well I'm not sure I have another hand.

Point is, technology was supposed to simplify our lives overall. Microwaves and GPSs seem to have done so, but  I tend to think that having a cellphone would complicate things somewhat if you're thinking of cheating on a spouse. If of course said spouse tends to call you at all hours.

But I don't have a cell phone so what do I know.

So now it's your turn. I don't often ask you to weigh in, but let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, cellphones and hi-tech thwarting philandering. That's not right. Glad I was a young buck in the Mad Men days. But seriously, I often think when I'm in a restaurant or out for coffee with people taking their intercoursing calls that seem to be so vital, what did you do in the old days when the phone was back in your office? Well, you took a break is what you did. That's why my cell sits in my car.

Dave 1949 said...

Cell phone or home phone I have never been unable to ignore the call to answer a call unless I felt like it.
You can always say the phone was turned off because of a meeting etc.
On the other hand I can't cheat on my spouse because unlike you although I have a cell phone I'm lacking in the spousal department.

geewits said...

I've thought about this, too. I suppose people would have to use work or hospital visits as an excuse because those are reasons to not answer the phone. I've also wondered if cell phones have cut into teen mischief. If you're a teen and about to do something stupid, and your mom calls and asks what you are doing, maybe you might rethink doing it.

I've also thought about the miles and miles of walking (and time) cell phones have saved when people have had any sort of car trouble. Surely that's a very good thing.

secret agent woman said...

Cell phones could be helpful in an affair because you can call from anywhere, including someone else's bed, and claim to be calling from a meeting or the office or the road.

Incidentally, I routinely don't answer my phone - both cell and landline. I figure that's why I have voicemail.

tattytiara said...

On the other hand people are a lot less likely to report back to you if your partner is so much as seen alone in the company of a member of the opposite sex than they were back then.

Suldog said...

I don't have a cell phone, either. Nor does MY WIFE. What are you doing this weekend?

Jazz said...

Ian - I posit that cell phones give people an inflated sense of their own importance.

Dave - I guess I think people always answer their phones because they seem to be talking on the things all the time. I have no idea, I don't even own one.

Geewits - The only time I think I'd like a cell is when I'm driving a long distance. It would be really useful in case of emergency.

SAW - I often ignore the phone... but it would take a gall I simply don't have to pretend I'm in a meeting if I'm in bed with my lover.

Tatty - Damn, I never even thought of that! There's the fourth hand!

Suldog - I'm freezing my ass off here in the great white north.

choochoo said...

I have a cellphone, but I have nobody to cheat on, so I mostly just use it to spam my friends.

Jocelyn said...

I don't have a cell phone, either, which is why I've been able to cheat on my husband lo these last ten years.

He always thinks I, like Don Draper, am at "work" at my job on Madison Ave. But, no, I'm smoking and cheating and drinking scotch. Life is GREAT without a cell phone.

Jazz said...

Choo - lucky friends

Joce - to think of all the time Mr. Jazz and I have wasted. Neither of us has a cell.

Anonymous said...

such a good show, especially the attention to detail - so faithful to the era!