Friday, January 08, 2010

Seen on Facebook

You know, in that bar to the right, the one with all the (dare I call them stupid?) ads:

- Five foods for a flat belly - it seems these foods will burn your stomach fat. If you belive this, obviously FB has been burning your brain cells

- Three foods you should never eat - Because these foods will promote stomach fat.

My question is, if you eat the five and also the three, will you still be ahead by two?

My mathematical skills are still intact - though this calculation pretty much taxed them to their limit.


Guillaume said...

Seen on Facebook today: "Supportons le maire Jean Tremblay!" Which means something totally different than its literal translation in English.

furiousBall said...

i like the "Who's Been Googling You?" ads with the girls with rigoddamndiculous boobies, because i am interesting in any girls with rigoddamndiculous boobies that are googling me

Always Home and Uncool said...

I should have paid more attention in AP Calculus.

secret agent woman said...

I detest those ads and there is no way to rid your page of them.

Gaelyn said...

How about the get rid of wrinkles and flab ads? I really just try not to look and remind myself that's why FB is free.

Jocelyn said...

My problem is that I eat five fat promoters for every three fat burners. So I'm two ahead, but in a way that makes me jiggle.

Anonymous said...

I try 15 foods for a flatter belly and 13 that I should maths skills don't even come close so I won't even try! I'm fat. The end. ;0)

Ps Your word verification is dietif!!

tattytiara said...

Not sure, but I would recommend not conducting that experiment, or any other based on information gathered from sidebar ads, without medical supervision

lime said...

sounds good to me!

Anonymous said...

By God, I think you're right. You're so smart. Oh, and if you keep eating the five will you eventually disappear?

cPaul said...

Jazz? You're on Friendface??

geewits said...

It's funny that in the 21st century people still can't grasp that a healthy diet and exercise are the only things that work. People are dense.

Anonymous said...

If I eat one helping each of the fat promoters and exercise faithfully will I still be fatter than if I don't exercise and eat 10 helpings each of the fat reducers every day? (I think Calculus is going to have to come into play here)

Jazz said...

Guillaume - Yep, anglicisms are annoying, but you have to admit that is funny.

Furball - Cause obviously way many girls with rigoddamndiculous boobies are googling you.

AHU - yep, you shoulda

SAW - they gotta make their money somewhere.

Gaelyn - Freedom comes at a price - ridiculous ads.

Joce - "You and me both", she said as she jiggled off into the sunset.

ED - Don't you love it when word verification fits the subject of the post?

Tatty - you and me both

Lime - wouldn't it be good if it were real?

Ian - Nope the five only make belly fat disappear. So maybe you'll end up with a hole in the middle of your body?

cPaul - Yep, I am. But not under Jazz. Email me if you wanna be friends - a caveat, I'll prolly pretty much ignore you though. I'm not that big on FB - except for stupid game apps which I'm getting mightily bored with.

Geewits - Yah, you'd think they'd have caught on by now. There are a lot of idiots out there apparently.

XUP - You're going to make my brain explode.