Thursday, June 29, 2006

Annoyances and advertising

Petty Annoyance of the day :

I know I’ve already mentioned this, here or elsewhere, but men in busses are hugely annoying. Well men sitting down at any rate.

What is with the spread-your-legs-as-far-as-they’ll-go thing? What? You can’t close them because you’re too well hung? As if…

And when you spread out the top half reading the paper, well, I wouldn’t mind ripping off any and all body parts that are pushing me into the corner of the bench. But I haven't yet. I'm good that way, at least until the time I simply can't take it anymore. It might be YOU!!

Yesterday, with my copy of Elle magazine, I received a “gift” (oh yippi), a little pocket containing two (count ‘em TWO!!!) panty liners (double yippi).

Now, coming with a woman’s magazine, this makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? But then you open up the little pocket and on the inside cover you have a picture of a really hot boy…

Am I alone in not understanding why? Wear Incognito panty liners and hot boys will want you??? Seriously, what the fuck?


choochoo said...

Give the panty liner to a hot boy and he'll want you?

Carolyn said...