Thursday, June 08, 2006


This cough is draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaining me. Yesterday, despite various puffers (Ventolin and Flovent) was particularly bad, I hacked my way through the day and spent the first half hour after I went to bed seemingly trying to get my lungs to exit my body à la Exorcist. Leftovers from 6-6-6? * It’s frustrating, it’s exhausting and I just want it to stop, even though my abs are getting a helluva workout.

Yesterday evening I finally did a collage that had been rattling around in my head for the past month. It started with a sentence which just popped into my head one day: Mary suddenly realized that she had chosen the wrong door.

I had sort of envisaged a Price is Right type thing, found pics of doors and of Mary and well, from there it somehow did a complete 180 from cute to rather “naughty”. I was flipping through a book Mr. Jazz brought home a while back, Forbidden Erotica, a book of erotic (pornographic?) pictures from the 1860s on. (As soon as there were cameras, there were people – men? – taking pictures of people having sex. And lordy people, we have invented nothing! But yet again, I digress).

When I saw those pictures, it suddenly struck me that Mary, sweet and innocent though she seemed, had a naughty voyeuristic side and a bit of text (Or had she???) and several pictures from the book were added behind the door. **

It turned out pretty much like I had visualized but don’t tell my mother!

* Oh and did you know that there’s actually a phobia related to 666 (probably what the patients who refuse to see Big Brother’s physiotherapist suffer from). It’s called Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia

** Sorry, no pics, I have no digital camera...

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