Friday, June 16, 2006

Working for me?!?

Today is a great day for Quebecers (or maybe Canadians as a whole). Today - if I understood correctly on the radio this morning, which is debatable since I'm nowhere near at my best in the early morning - is the day we start working for ourselves. Until today, every penny we earned was for the government. Half the year we work as slaves. Half the years not a penny we earn is ours.

Or maybe they were saying that this year, the miracle wouldn't happen in June, but rather in mid-November.

I choose to believe the first option. I'm an optimist that way.


Big Brother said...

Hey that's the average... in Québec we'll have to wait until June 23rd before we're free again. Wouldn't be so bad if we got our money's worth. I wonder where all that cash gets to. I know for sure that it certainly isn't getting into my classroom.

choochoo said...

Ah, the joy of paying taxes. Meanwhile, I have patients who'll probably die because they're not being examined properly - because the hospitals aren't given enough money to do extensive tests on old ppl... Sheesh.