Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Apocalypse Nope.

Well, we seem to have miraculously survived the apocalypse. Whew, it twas rather touch and go there for a while, but you figure once it's tomorrow in Australia it can’t really happen anymore can it? If the apocalypse is on a particular date, is there a window of "apocalypse time" when the whole world is the same day? Or does the "beast" work on Greenwich Mean Time? There’s something to ponder for those who have really nothing more productive to do – and how I wish I was one of them.

Last weekend (I think), in Toronto, a terrorist cell was busted. Now muslim religious leaders are coming out to say that they condemn terrorism, that their community condemns it, the usual speech, ya know.

Question is why? Why do they have to do that? If these terrorists were christian, would christian leaders go on air to say they condemn it? Would jewish leaders? No. They wouldn’t. It says a lot about our society that mulsims feel the need apologize for their religion when a bunch of nutjobs goes ballistic. Do we really think because the terrorists are muslim, all muslims are terrorists? How does that follow?

It doesn’t. And it’s sad that many people might think so.

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Hageltoast said...

most exciting thing about 6th June 06 for me was that two rival gangs of goths started a fight at a showing of the omen. This seems distinclty ungothlike behaviour, hell on what planet do goths form gangs? I laughed so hard i cried!