Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Winter has struck

Geez. December already. Montreal is under the snow now. Seems like it’s for real and for a long long time. It also seems like about a week ago it was summer. I’m not liking this “time flies” thing, because the older I get, the more it’s flying. Except winter of course. Winter never flies. It drags, it digs in its heels, it refuses to fly, but rather it trudges along, annoying everyone except those weirdos who love the winter sports thing – you know the ones. They insist that stepping on two spindly boards and throwing yourself down a mountain, inducing frostbite and chattering teeth along the way is fun fun fun.

Much as I’m not liking the “time flies” thing, I’m liking the winter thing even less. People, I dread winter – which is not a good thing when you live in Quebec. Nope, not a good thing at all.

There’s the never-ending cold, the knee deep slush, the dark when you wake up in the morning, the dark when you leave work at night, the seeming hours it takes to dress, what with the coats, and boots, and scarves and hats and mittens… Bleh bleh bleh. And no, I don’t want to look at the bright side. Drinking good wine in front of crackling fires is all very well and good, but not how I spend most of the winter. And the "oh, you'll like winter if you do winter sports" thing? Been there, done that and I really don't see the great times in standing on two sticks and throwing myself off a mountain, inducing frostbitten extremities, brain freeze and chattering teeth in the process.

I might have been born here, and I suppose I should be used to it, but my birth was obviously a genetic fluke, I was born to be a southerner, drinking mint juleps on the veranda.

Could anybody from down there please adopt me?


Jill said...

You're welcome to come hang out in Texas. You may want to stay in Canada for the summer and just winter down south though. The heat in August here sucks mightily.

Hageltoast said...

i love winter, i like to curl up under the duvet with hot chocolate. of course i hate winter when i am not in hibernation at home.

Jocelyn said...

I could adopt you ("Hey, kiddles, welcome your new big sis! She'll be taking care of you ALL THE TIME now, while Mommy and Daddy drink lots of Cosmopolitans and watch PROJECT RUNWAY."), as I am, technically, south of you. But since I just spent the evening dragging five kids (not all mind--lawsy, but I'm not that insane) around on sleds, I guess it wouldn't help much. I'm a winter sports weirdo, but I've never downhilled. I don't like the sensation of speed. It could hurt.

choochoo said...

it's almost Christmas... *full-blown panic attack*


Steven Novak said...

I'm not gonna adopt you. Sorry.

I will however rub in your face the fact that it was 80 here yesterday. ;)


Jazz said...

Jill - heat at any time of the year makes me happy, but just winter is fine...

Toast - meh, even hibernation doesn't cut it for me.

Jocelyn - I'll pass. South only counts if it's warm all year long.

Choo - Don't even mention that word to me!

Steve - Sometimes I hate you I do. But then you have to deal with Nessie's lovechild, so I figure I come out on top.

paula said...

I don't know where in TX Jill is, but you can bounce back and forth between her place and mine, if you want (I'm on the coast). But, oh...I'm heading back to Montreal soon. God, you painted it so bleak (though acurate)! Btw, it does get cold here from time to time...like today. I still saw folks wearing shorts and flip-flops, though. Crazy fools!

Guess it doesn't really help for me to say, "Hang in there", eh...?

Rhea said...

I love the South, too. Except, have you ever had a mint julep? Not good. Sit on the porch but drink something else.