Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Women and hair

I’ve pretty much decided to grow the colour out of my hair and go, well, grey I suppose. Mostly out of curiosity to find out how much grey is actually in there after all these years of colour. Plus a good friend who is about 40 and completely grey and looks totally awesome so I figure, why not give it a shot?

The reactions I’ve had are really interesting. Mr. Jazz has no problem with it, he says I’ll look really good, but then he’d say the same thing if I came home with my hair purple and green one day, cause Mr. Jazz? Sorta biased he is. In general men just seem to not give much of a damn one way or another.

But women? Whoa. Most everyone has said (in come cases screeched):


Me: Um, yeah, I can, I just have to not dump more stinking chemicals on my head. If I don’t like it, I can start up again with the dye.

Them*: But you’ll look older!

Me: Yeah, I’ll probably look 45. No biggie, I am.

Them: Or even older!!!

Me: And if I think so, I can colour again.

Them: But by then people will KNOW you’re greying!!!**

Me: Um, I’m 45, it surely can’t be that big a surprise for anyone…

And the conversation goes round and round, never getting anywhere. What the hell is wrong with looking your age? I find it somewhat paradoxical that women bitch and moan about how they are obliged to look a particular way, wear a certain size, look no older than 19, and that society expects so damn much of them physically and yadda yadda yadda, but if a woman actually goes ahead and steps out of the mould, she gets blasted*** for it.

I'm really beginning to think that all in all women quite like their "hell" and despite bitching and moaning about it, are really quite happy to live there.

* Them because pretty much every woman has the same reaction

** Notice the exclamation marks. I’ve kept it down to three, but usually it sounds more like 10.

*** But I also got told by someone that I was incredibly courageous. Courageous? Too low maintenance to be bothered perhaps, but where the hell does courage come into it? Will people throw stones at me in the street ya think?


paula said...

Makes sense to let it grow out to it's natural color, if to just see what it actually looks like. Then do what you want--leave it gray, dye it, shave it--whatever makes you happy. That's what matters most, eh?

Big Brother's Daughter said...

You go girl! I love changing my hair... cut, dye, natural, long! You should definitely go for it and not care about what people think. After all, it's your head! Just watch out for Big Brother's jokes ;-)

Big Brother said...

Hey would I make jokes? Anyhow I've never dyed my hair, but then again on guys gray hair looks distinguished... we obviously have it easier. One way or the other it's Ok by me, I've always been a fan of the natural look. It's not the hair it's the heart that makes you young.

Hageltoast said...

cool. I have decided when i start to grey I am not going down the dye route. My hair is lovely and soft and i'd rather have that than colour. :) Of course when you hit 60 I expect you to go with the purple and green.

Jazz said...

Paula - yeah, curiosity killed the cat and all that... LOL

BBD - Hey, cool to see you here! Actually BB's jokes are what makes me hesitate!

BB - Wow, you're too nice here... wassup? Where's your punch? Is old age getting to you?

Toast - You'll look lovely in grey. We can start a grey revolution!

Anonymous said...

oh Lil!!! (three exclamation points) I am in the precise same situation. I even had the name of a stylist who can help me with the transition to get to my natural hair color-- whatever that may be. That was in September, but then I started a new job and chickened out--- I DO WANT to be silver. I want to make this authentic shift and I know that will be one of my new year's resolutions-- but it, for some reason, is some kind of societal plunge--- there is such a stigma for looking older than 29. What I told "them" when they made those arguments to me is, "the only reason to keep it unnaturally dark would be to try and extend my youth, i.e. my sexual appeal, and I have no interest in seducing anyone or having them want to fuck me, so why should I care when my husband is fine with me going gray?"


Jazz said...

BP - Lets do it together, join Toast's and my revoltion! When they see how kickass hot grey is, they'll be dyeing their hair grey at 20! Bwah!

Steven Novak said...

I know that my wife would sooner pop out her eyeballs with a fork then let the gray in her hair grow out. ;)


Jazz said...

Steve - as I often seem to say in response to your posts or comments: ouch.

Jocelyn said...

You're just smart. Life will be much easier, once you stop pretending to be Carmen Electra, right? I love the salt-and-pepper look on either gender. Take a picture of the back of your head and post it, woncha, in a few months here?

Jazz said...

Jocelyn - The back of my head? Am I that scary to you?