Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In the news....

Reason 873 why I'm an atheist.

Yesterday in Slate we learned that the Vatican has made public the results of a "papal investigation into the concept of limbo". Much to our relief, it seems that unbaptized, dead babies can indeed get into heaven. To all you non catholics out there, may god bless your hellbound souls, limbo is where babies go if they die unbaptized since they're not allowed into heaven, 'cause we all know that only us baptized catholics are gettin' in there. So there.

OK, I am exaggerating just a bit. I think virtuous pagans were allowed into limbo, as were pre-christianity Jews - because otherwise that would've caused a serious problem regarding Jesus and his mom, them being Jewish and all. I wonder if Mary was a stereotypical jewish mother. However, it seems if you're a post-christianity jew well.... I'll see you in hell.


It's roadway slalom season in Montreal.

The potholes - craters? - are all over and you hit them at your own risk and that of your tires, axles and other various delicate bits of your car.

Of course, they'll eventually pave over the biggest potholes, but only once enough cars have disappeared into them that no filler will be needed.

Saves money that way, dontcha know....


Front page of the Montreal newspapers yesterday. Guy killed a cop. Guy got bail until his trial. Big scandal.

Now, if you or I had gotten killed and the "alleged perpetrator" got bail, no one would bat an eye.
Why is it a scandal if someone who killed a cop got out on bail? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it, to some extent, a risk that comes with the territory? If you're a cop, it's in the realm of possibility that you'll be shot. Me I'm just Jazz Nobody walking down the street.

Personally, I don't think anyone who murders someone should get bail. But I suppose there's something I'm missing here regarding the murder of a cop being worse. Can someone help me out?


Ian Lidster said...

In the old days when capital punishment was partially eliminated in Canada the only murders that would earn the noose were murders of cops. The premise was that most of us don't have to deal with bad guys on an ongoing basis, but cops do, and they do so to protect the rest of us. So, I imagine the bail thing would fall under the same premise.


Jazz said...

Ian - that makes sense. Thanks.

Big Brother said...

If you think potholes are bad in a car just try them on a bike. ;o( Even when they fill the holes the patches are almost as bad, some roads, like the bottom half of St-Charles Boulevard in Beaconsfield is more patch than road.

Evil Spock said...

I read about the limbo thing awhile back. Did you know the reason behind it? Catholics want to convert Africans, and with their high infant mortality rate, it would be unpopular for them to believe their babies would head for limbo.

What bothers me is how arbitrary the frikkin' Bible and Catholic beliefs are. Its marketing people!

Jill said...

Have to agree with evil spock. The vatican must have new PR representation.

Dan said...

No more limbo???

CRAP!!! It was the only chance I had for not burning in the cauldrons of Hell for eternity. I better invest in a good fire suit.

geewits said...

I guess I watch too many movies. I thought they let him out so the secret cop police could kill him. I wouldn't want to be a cop killer walking around in plain sight.

(why are the word verifications so hard?)

Jazz said...

BB - Oh yeah, I love the whole patching the patches deal.

Evil Spock & Jill - Funny the spin you can put on things, eh?

Dan - I'll reserve a place for you by the fire

Geewits - The word verification? It's a conspiracy.... (shhh don't tell anyone I told you)

carrie said...

does the Church have control over word verif, too? haha