Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Women and Hair, Part II

A while back,I decided to let my natural colour grow back in, after years and years of “totally natural” un-natural hair colour.

And so it has been done. A couple of weeks ago I got my hair cut, the last of the colour taken out and now I’m the proud (?) owner of a head of grey…um… salt 'n peppa hair.

There are still moments when I go past a mirror and do a double take. I also notice women who have grey hair now, which I never did before. But all in all, I quite like it. I think it looks pretty good but what the hell do I know. And no, I can’t post a pic. Remember, I still pretty much live in the 20th century, so I have no home computer, microwave or digital camera.

The reaction has been, to say the least, varied.

There have been several “If you can’t find anything nice to say don’t say anything at all” reactions. The type where you know they’ve noticed. Their non-comments speak volumes.

Then there are the “Oh my god I can’t believe you actually went through with it” people. The ones who squeal. Shudder inducing to say the least.

And the “You are so brave” people. That one stymies me each time. Brave how? I stopped colouring my hair; I’m not going to Iraq! If I don’t like it I can change it. Amazing how hard it seems to be for some people to grasp that concept.

And one person who seemed to take it personally that I would actually dare show grey, thus sending the cause of women spinning backwards 100 years… That was strange to say the least.

Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, all the negative feedback comes from women. Men, well they pretty much don’t give a damn. But then men don’t seem to have the same emotional entanglements with hair that women do (pun intended, it was so bad I couldn’t resist).

I’m beginning to think that there’s quite a fascinating sociological study to be done on women and hair.

I’m also beginning to think that I must have been a guy in another life, ‘cause my hair? The lower maintenance the better. Annoying, time wasting stuff it is.


ticknart said...

I'm looking forward to the baldness. Except for the sunburns up there, but that's what sunscreen is for, right?

Big Brother said...

1 deep thought??? You have got to be kidding.
As for grey hair, we guys don't care about it just because a guy with grey or greying hair just looks distinguished and wise... ;o)

geewits said...

I'm your age but I missed the whole going gray thing because I started coloring my hair red when I was 22. I've thought about it a lot: What it would have looked like and how I would have felt about it. I just feel normal as a redhead so I guess I'll never get to the root of it! (hee hee)

Ian Lidster said...

I went for short and low-maintenance a few years ago and I (ahem) like my grey-at-the-temples ambience. Makes me look like I've 'arrived' even if I haven't. Meanwhile, some women look dazzling and sexy with grey tresses. So, if the grey suits your mood au courant, then go for it.


ticknart said...

I just realized that you wrote you had no microwave! How do you make popcorn?

Jocelyn said...

Aren't women so weird? It's always women who comment on my appearance.

I bet you look rockin'. And, yes, I DOOOO wish you could post a picture. I want to see it.

*stomps foot*

Jill said...

No microwave?? Microwaving something is the closest I get to actual cooking. I guess I'd have to live on corn flakes without one.

I'm with you on the hair. My hair will always be "no maintenance." Whether or not it looks good like that is a different question.

Jazz said...

Ticknart - Maybe you won't go bald.

BB - Bah, humbug, y'all look old and bleh too.

Geewits - OK, that pun? Bad bad bad. We seem to do the bad pun thing really well.

Ian - I already have gone for it. If ever I go to Vancouver, I'll look you up and we can go under cover at Earlybird Special time.

Ticknart (again) - Remeber the old way? Oil in a pot, heat it on the stove, dump in the popcorn, shake it.... and I don't eat popcorn all that often.

Jocelyn - If I ever get a digital pic, I'll post. Promise.

Jill - I don't need a microwave, Mr. Jazz does all the cooking. The man is a godsend. Without him, I promise I'd have a microwave.

Jazz said...

OH, and for the record, I do have a microwave at the cottage, but it's very rarely used. I'll have to tell you about its current use sometime.

Big Brother said...

Is that the one that you used to use to warm up the cats when they came in from the cold? ;o)

Foxtrot said...

Must ask, what are we supposed to say if we notice? Whatever we say may be put into a category? What if someone looks, notices, and say "cool, I like it" what would that be? Or if they say nothing, it may not be because it's in the "if we don't have anything to say say nothing" whatever it's called? I dunno... It seems like damn if you do, damn if you don't KWIM?

Jazz said...

Foxtrot - I was just pointing out the more bizarre reactions. Otherwise what's the point.

Lhianon said...

One word for you Jazz


Smalltown RN said...

Hair....I always say is the on easy thing that can be changed...you don't like it, cut , colour it, perm it, put a hat on it, put it up in a pony...what ever....I shaved all my hair off one time....that was for my daughter ....long story....the worst comment I got about that was from a female doctor....I was so insulted at first....and then I thought "she's short and fat, I can grow my hair back....but she will still be short and most probably fat"

Anyhow, you and I are the same age....I did start to let my grey come through...then I wasn't sure if I liked it....my hubby was all for it....I think i am going to do it...thank you!

Jazz said...

Lhia - thank you

RN - Do it! Grey rocks.