Tuesday, September 04, 2007

2 DO B4 I die

This morning, at around 2:00 while sitting on the loo, ridding myself of the wine I had at supper, I had the most brilliant idea for a rant. It wrote itself out in a flash inside my little head, and obviously was gone this morning when I woke up. Brilliant 2:00 a.m. blogs have a tendency to do that, go figure.

So, instead, in the spirit of my last blog, here is a list of things still to do - or in a few cases, do over again:

- Retire

- Participate in the Tomato Fight in Bunol

- See Barcelona and Gaudi's buildings

- Go to the Guggenheim Bilbao museum

- Go shark diving

- Skydive again

- Take a year long road trip through Canada and the US with Mr. Jazz

- Spend at least a month living by the ocean

- Spend a few months living in Paris

- Go back to the Grand Canyon

- Live full time at the cottage

- Spend more time writing and making collages

- Attend the Art Fest at least once

- Meet all those bloggers I love reading

- Learn to ride a horse without at the same time experiencing the "joys" of unassisted flight like I did every time I tried to ride

- Learn to draw


Happily Anonymous said...

All seem like good things to do... especially before dying.

Ian Lidster said...

Noble quests, my dear. I couldn't disagree with any of them. Say, you could come and live by the ocean out here and you and I could meet. Cool? I'd like that very much.

Jazz said...

HA - yep, because once you're dead, it might be hard to explain to a cop that it doesn't matter if you're speeding through Arkansas, 'cause, um, I'm not alive you see officer...

Ian - As long as I have crashing waves and the smell of the ocean I'm good. Meeting you would be a plus. But I'm sure that can be managed at some point regardless.

Hageltoast said...

I like your list!!! I may do my own this week since i am feeling uninspired. Also, come horseriding with me and i promise you will stay on!

CS said...

It would interesting to recheck the list every year - see which you've done, which you still want to do, which you no longer want, and what you might want to add. Because life is an evolution.

Jocelyn said...

Seems to me that taking a year to travel around North America would afford you great opportunity to meet fellow bloggers.

I mean, we have wine here in Duluth, you know.

geewits said...

Your list is amazing. I would only do about three things on there. Nothing in the world could make me jump out of a perfectly good plane. Horses bite me. I mean that literally, not in a slang way. And although I really do want to see the Grand Canyon (besides from a plane), I would probably get vertigo and fall to my death. I am a serious wimp.

Josie said...

Jazz, apart from the skydiving thing... you stole my list. Except I would put seeing the Guggenheim Bilbao at the top. And then I would go directly to Paris.


Dan said...

Meet all those bloggers I love reading

YAY!! Where? In Paris or Barcelona?? :)

Tai said...

While you're visiting Ian, we can have a visit, too! And yes, there's ocean to be had!

Jazz said...

Toastie - Staying on would be nice, though the sensation of flying through the air when your horse decides to go one way at full gallop and you keep going straight ahead, is something to be experienced. I'm looking forward to your list.

CS - that is a brilliant idea! Now, if only I can remember to do it...

Jocelyn - I'm thinking I won't wait until I have time to road trip for months before popping into Duluth. We'll exchange "favourite wine" lists.

Geewits - I can't begrudge anyone vertigo. My mum in law has it. Not fun.

Josie - I'll show you Paris if you come skydiving with me.

Dan - How about we start with Barcelona and then move on to Paris

Tai - I keep forgetting how many west coasters there are. You, Josie, Voyager, Ian. I seem to have a thing for BC bloggers, maybe it's the ocean.

Susan Tuttle said...

Great list!!--all except the shark diving--lol! I will have to try this exercise.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


Dorky Dad said...

Man, I have a really hilarious comment right on the tip of my tongue and I just can't get it out. But if you don't make it to Bunol for the tomato fight, then maybe you should create one at home.

Dave said...

You want to head through Canada on vacation huh? Well look... Let me know and I will send you to a bunch of great places to visit.

Monica said...

A lot of things on your list are also on my list -- except I'd swap Lisbon for Paris and spend a little more time living by the ocean. :)