Thursday, August 30, 2007

What I Did

Ian’s recent blog entitled So Here's What I Did got me thinking about things I’ve done. Of course, in my opinion I come up wanting, but that’s my own issues talking… At least I know they’re issues, and I pretty much know where they come from and no full disclosure will be forthcoming. On se garde une petite gène, as we say in French, which translates roughly as “Geez, a bit of discretion here puleeeeeeeeze, there’s such a thing as too much information!”.

So, in the immortal words of Ian, HERE'S WHAT I'VE DONE, and if I’m in the mood for it, what I still want to do.

I’ve trekked in Nepal twice (1996 and 2000) – once to the Annapurna, once to Everest base camp – well, at least I tried. Both times I was hit with altitude sickness and so I never made it to my goal. Even all these years later the failure still rankles mightily even though I did make it to 4300 (or was it 4600) meters before admitting that going any further would probably result in very bad karma for me and BB (he was with me the second time and had it too).

I’ve seen the Swayambunath stupa – which along with the Bodnath stupa is probably the most beautiful in Nepal.

I’ve been to Pashupati and watched the ritual of burning the bodies on the edge of the river. It was both beautiful and nasty – nasty because some tourists had no respect and actually stood beside burning bodies to have their pictures taken. Beautiful because there’s no histrionics, no "oh my god, they really fixed him up nice didn't they?", no dragging on of wakes and such. It's done immediately after the person dies and it's done with dignity. And we stayed on the other side of the river…

I’ve eaten Tonkinese soup (Pho) at 5:00 am in Hanoi while waiting for a bus to take us to Ha Long Bay – that place is breathtaking. I’ve seen ruins of the the imperial city in Hue, been robbed in Saigon and held a beautiful but heavy 10 foot long python in my arms in the Mekong Delta.

I’ve snorkelled off Gili Air Island in Indonesia – and while watching the coral all of a sudden found myself on the edge of a canyon. The Island ends HERE.

I’ve toured vineyards and eaten fish and chips on the beach in Oz and become familiar enough with Paris to know my way around.

I’ve road tripped extensively in the southwest USA – I would sell my soul to live in southern Arizona.

Closer to home is where I start having problems, it seems my life is nothing much here but I’ll give it a try.

I’ve tried illegal mind altering substances. More than once. I never really stuck with it though, my mind is altered enough in reality, never mind chemically altering it. Plus smoke hurts my asthma.

I’ve done other unspecified illegal things which I won’t go into because my brother reads this (On se garde une petite gène).

I’ve read thousands of books. If I start at 10 years old and very conservatively figure two books a week x 36 years since then it comes out to about 3700. I’m sure it’s way more though

I bought a cottage with Mr. Jazz though the responsibility scared the shit out of me – and still does.

I celebrated my 40th birthday by skydiving. Freefalling is the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done (along with picking up that python)

Strange exercise this is… It’s weird because I realize that most of my “accomplishments” took place far from home on the other side of the world, and somehow it seems they don’t really count since I was on vacation and well, you do stuff on vacation; it’s part of the deal. Meh… Next up, what I want to do. That one might be quite a bit shorter since I tend to not know what I want to do until about three minutes beforehand.


Rhea said...

Your travels sound amazing. Hey, living in Arizona is cheap. Do it!

Jazz said...

Rhea - It might be cheap but for me it's illegal. I'm Candadian, eh? I'd have to be someone's illegal maid or something.

ticknart said...

That's a lot to have done between school and where you are now.

That doesn't leave me much time if I want to catch-up.

Ian Lidster said...

I loved this, my friend. Your travels are both staggering (no, not the altitude sickness) and inspiring and leave me itching to see more of this planet before it or I implode. Wonderful. Glad I was something of an inspiration for you to do this. And, I might add, it's awfully nice to know you.

Josie said...




You are amazing.

geewits said...

Wow. Compared to you, my list would look like a cheap U.S. travelogue. You rock on with your bad self!

Mr. Jazz said...

I know what I would like to do, along with you but as you say, on s'garde une petite gêne...
It should be said that while she's not on vacation, Jazz has done many great things (in my very partial and biased view anyway) and this blog is certainly one of the top ones. Also, you have managed to cultivate a rapport with animals that very few people are able to enjoy. That's why Jazz is also known as Doktor DoLili. That and a wicked cheesecake which I hope some of your blogfriends will be able to enjoy one day. And no one cleans windows and countertops like Jazz (wink wink nudge nudge). Need I add more?


Jazz said...

Ticknart - It's been 25 years since school. 'nuff said

Ian - Want to come to Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar with me?

Josie - Blush, Blush, BLUSH

Geewits - I like US tavelogues. Remember I'm going to Texas next month!

Mr. Jazz - cottage tonight eh? wink wink nudge nudge. Damn I love Monty Python. Say no more!!!

geewits said...

Oh yeah! I FINALLY get to meet a fellow blogger. You will be my first (wink, wink) which means I will always remember you. ;)

Voyager said...

All those books alone would be a true acomplishment. And many people don't have the courage to go to the places you've been. And you are obviously truly loved by Mr. Jazz. You rock!

Jocelyn said...

Uh, yea, I can totally see how you don't measure up.

Puleaaaase. I loved reading about your adventures, everywhere. Arizona, eh? Bring your wine, as that's a parched existence. Maybe you and Mr. Jazz have to divorce and marry an Arizonian couple that has divorced and and and

okay, that gets ugly really quickly.

OneFullHouse said...


Back from our Alaskan cruise, with pictures posted and everything... just need to catch up on some reading blogs that I've missed while I was gone...LOl.

choochoo said...

you've done way more stuff than me, that's for sure. Then again, you are and old (old, old, old, old)) lady:P :P :P

somewhere joe said...

Color me gabberflasted. You're a woman with a remarkable and colorful past - eh, well you know what I mean.

CS said...

What a great exercise - reviewing the amazing things you've already done. It is so easy in a boring moment to feel unfulfilled or as if you've not accomplished much - but this ought to neatly obliterate any thoughts like that.