Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dribs and drabs

I forgot another good thing about winter. A real one no less: Sunsets. For some reason, around here we don't get great sunsets. Except in winter. Dunno why, no doubt there is a perfectly scientific reason, but damn, we've had some spectactular sunsets up at the cottage this winter.


Oh, and speaking of winter.... Montreal has had 110 cm (43 inches) of snow since November 28, and it isnt' even technically winter. This obviously isn't so unusual. We are, after all in Montreal, land of ice and snow. Funny enough we seem to forget about winter once it's over. Wipe it from the slate of our collective minds. Every year it's a surprise. And yes, I admit that's totally moronic.

I'm the first to rant about winter. I know I live in Montreal. I know winter if a fact of life here. I know I should build a bridge and get the hell over it. However, I will point out that at least I never ever bitch about summer. I figure you can be annoyed with one season or the other, but you have no right to bitch about both.

Besides, I am beginning to adapt. I am being dragged kicking and screaming into winter, but I'm sorta, maybe getting there. Hope springs eternal and all that.


This guy has been taking pictures of himself every day for the past eight years. It's an awesome video. Watch it. It would be cool if he kept doing it until he was 70 or so...


And then there's this. I'm sure you simply isolate the number for them by your choices, but it's still way cool when you're looking for easy amusement.


Breaking news: Pamela Anderson, she of the boobs who arrive 10 minutes before she does (Note to the NBA, she's the one who stole those balls), is divorcing from whoever her current husband is. After a couple of months of marriage. Why do these people even bother? And more to the point, why was I told this on the news this morning?
Those boobs are mesemerizing... Damn, cow udders overflowing with milk are smaller ferchrissake.


furiousBall said...

I'm sorry, were you saying something. I was distracted/forgot all of your post due to some reason at the bottom of the post... what?

geewits said...

You can be the official Winter Ranter, I'll be the official Summer Ranter. We'd have to find some pretty ornery people to be the spring and fall ranters. Maybe someone that lives in a monsoon climate for spring and someone with 200 trees in their yard for fall?

After my Dad died, I found an old tape someone had recorded for him from the Playboy Channel. Pamela Anderson had normal lips, normal boobs and brown hair. If she hadn't actually said, "I'm Pamela Anderson," I wouldn't have ever known it was her. She was pretty cute.

Dave said...

I had a comment in my mind to write to you but I forgot what I was going to write when I saw that "rack"! LOL

Oh yah... I remember! The Montreal snow! I remember living in Lachine Quebec in the sixties... I swear the snow was above my head 27/7! :-)

Jazz said...

Furiousball - Funny, when I posted that picture I thought of you. I knew you'd comment on that. ;-)

Geewits - How can anyone hate spring?

Dave - I'm thinking that's the effect that picture will have on most of the guys who pass through here. :-p

Ian Lidster said...

Hey, falsely bountiful Pam is a hometown Comox Valley girl. She used to work at a local gym and was shaped quite ordinarily and looked quite sweet; hardly slutty at all. As you say, why do this people bother?
In another reference, I know Vulvo is not a real word, but I think it should be, so that's why I invented it. Loved your comment on my blog.

Jocelyn said...

The boobs have displaced her brain cells.

So, um, congrats on starting to hate winter the teensiest bit less.

Don't be a hater, Jazz. Don't be a hater.

A Happy Downtowner said...

I feel for you my friend, I really do. We've had snow too recently but nothing like you guys. I don't think we could cope LOL

As for PA, well apparently the divorce is off, they decided to "work things out" whatever "things" can be. As for those boobs, I'm sure she hasn't slept on her stomach in years... but I agree with you, they are mesmerizing. I wouldn't want to have them.

Rachel said...

I simply don't comprehend how anyone thinks that extra large boobs are attractive? They are UGLY.

Pam Anderson (and Dolly Parton) are horrifingly repulsive.

Tai said...

First. I, too, am surprised when winter shows up. It seems to always come with a pounce, whereas spring creeps in slowly with flowers.

Second, as Ian pointed out, Ms. Anderson has been married and divorced so many times, she's going to give Ms. Taylor a run for her money soon. It's sad, I think. Can you imagine being so desperate for affection that you keep doing the same sad thing over and over and failing each time?

Jazz said...

Ian - "Falsly bountiful Pam" Bwahahahahahaha...

Jocelyn - But they're nowhere near where the brain cells would be. Maybe she has silcon poisoning?

HapDo - Well, when you think of it, they might be good to have. God knows I've smacke my face in walls and plate glass doors before. Boobs like that would make such embarassing moments impossible. But yeah, they are nasty.

Rachel - Horrifyingly repulsive. I absolutely concur.

Tai - It is sad. I never really thought of it that way.

That girl said...

Jazz -it's Michelle from the former One Full House blog -I just wanted to change the display name as I think this is more fitting than IAML...just so you know who this is.

Now, to your post...you had me lauging out loud. The way you view winter as a surprise each year is sorta how I feel about me having babies...

It hurts like a son of a gun, but I always forget and have another one. Then, I remember "shit, this hurts!" but I now have 4, so I guess I'm a slow learner.